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Original review: Aug. 12, 2022

I recently had drain backup and a lot of water in my basement which damaged a lot of my things. At first I didn’t think about filing a claim as I thought it wouldn’t be covered. A friend of mine told me submit it anyway you never know. So I did and I also saw I had water/sewer back up coverage. I submitted the claim around 7/26, I got an initial call which I missed due to working but tried to call back and couldn’t get through. I also sent an email and never got a response. When I talked to the guy coming out to assess the property the Sunday after I filed the claim I had let him know that due to severe flooding in the area the city was offering free dumpsters for people to throw out all their water damaged property so I took advantage of that. I already suspect mold in my house as a lot of clothes had to be thrown away due to mold and I have bad mold allergies. I did not hesitate to throw out the ruined property.

I uploaded the pictures of damage/items on the website and also sent some to the adjuster as well. He submitted them on 7/30. The portal says my stuff was submitted on 7/28 and to expect an email within 2-3 business days and since then I have not gotten another email, phone call or anything. The hold up with this is keeping me from potentially getting assistance from another source such as FEMA due to declared disaster because they need to know if I received anything from insurance first. I would just like an update on my claim and to know if I need to submit anything further.

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