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Original review: July 9, 2022

I am getting a runaround of deflection from your "customer service" agent. I am unable to deposit a check via mobile phone. I log in, I take the steps, I click SUBMIT and my transaction is automatically cancelled. A message appears stating that 5/3 needs to check on something and to call your customer service number. The first time, I was told it shows I am at "high risk", and to just try again in 24 hours (to get me off the phone). But the agent could not tell me WHY I am a high risk so I could possibly address and fix the issue.

So, I tried to deposit the check again, and the same thing happened. This time when I called customer service, it was like the agent was reading a magazine and not listening to my mobile app issue. I told her several times that when I try to deposit the check, the mobile app cancels it and says to call customer service. She kept telling me she does not see any deposit for that amount!

I told her again, the mobile app cancelled it so I KNOW it wasn't deposited and that's WHY I am calling. She brought it up again that there is no deposit!!!! I had to tell her again that I was told I was High Risk… She finally seemed to start listening and just confirmed what I just told her, once again getting nowhere!!! Then she pulled the "Try again in 24 hours!"

At that point, I just hung up as she obviously could not help me, even explaining the High Risk. Even when you TRY to go to Customer Service on their website, you get on a revolving quest. To go to Customer Service, you need to log on. When you log on, and then click Customer Service, it tells you again, to log on, and this circle continues so you CANNOT EVEN GO TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

I am elderly and cannot get to a branch easily to make a deposit. If I can't do it with my cell phone, I might as well close my accounts and bring it to Chase where we have a lot of cash, and their mobile app, and their customer service agents, both work fine. I've never gotten such a runaround from a bank before. It is quite frustrating,