Top 6 Free Python courses online

Looking to improve your Python skills? Check out these free Python courses! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, there’s a course for you. Learn Python the right way and master important programming concepts. Enroll today and start learning!

Introduction to Python

One of the high-level programming languages, Python, is famous worldwide for its simplicity and is used for different apps and web development. Python also allows the user to dive into the world of machine learning and data science. Users can write programs by using very few lines of code, making python easier to use when compared to other programming languages. Beginners and also non-programmers can learn python easily, because the syntax makes use of the English language, making the learning process much simpler and easier. 

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There are various upgrades available for the python language in the market, as the company focused on improving the languages: Python 2 and Python 3 for the past decade. As the coding industry never stops upgrading itself and for an individual to keep himself/herself updated and relevant for the industry, it is important to equip yourself with the programming skills using the latest version of python. On 1st Jan 2020, it was announced that there will be no more upgrades for Python 2, however, the previous version will work smoothly.

Being one of the top programming languages in the world, there is an ocean of content available to learn from, starting from the introductory level and going all the way to the expert level, in simple words, there is no shortage of study material for python language.  Sometimes, too much of something becomes confusing, and it is important to invest your time and energy only in the best. This blog on” top free python courses” would help you to unlock your new skills and build a strong foundation on the most popular programming language of 2022. 

Top 6 Free Python courses online

These are the top online python courses that you can learn for free

  1. Python Fundamentals for Beginners
  2. Python for Machine Learning
  3. Python for Data Science
  4. Python Basic Programs
  5. Python MySQL
  6. Python For Android

Python Fundamentals for Beginners- Great Learning Academy

This ” Python fundamentals ” is a free online course offered by Great Learning Academy that helps in the understanding of basic and advanced concepts of python. This course is for beginners who are willing to understand important python concepts such as Python Data Structures, Variables, Operators, Flow Control Statements, and OOPs. The course provides detailed lectures, the respective lectures are easy to comprehend making it easier for beginners to grasp the topic being taught. There is also a quiz which can be taken after completing the course.

The quiz can be used to assess the knowledge gained from the video lectures. Also, students can revisit any topic at any time. The material provided is free and can be accessed anytime. The course provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on the concepts of python programming. 


  • Understanding programming concepts
  • Algorithmic approach to programming
  • Basics of Python explained
  • Variables and Data Types explained
  • Operators in Python explained
  • Tokens in Python explained
  • Python Strings explained
  • Data Structures in Python explained
  • Flow Control Statements explained
  • Functions explained
  • Object oriented programming explained 

Modules and lessons: 11 lectures

Access: Use a google account to enroll

Price: Free

Competition (proof): Yes (certificate)

Time investment: Approx 3 hrs

Difficulty level: Introductory-Intermediate

Interface: Excellent 

Instructions review: Excellent 

Developer of the course: Great Learning Academy 

Python for Machine Learning – Great learning Academy

This course on python for machine learning is offered by Great learning Academy. In this course, you will learn about Numpy, Pandas, python lists and python classes that are required for basic data manipulation.

These python libraries offer an effective foundation for machine learning model/project development. 

Course Duration

  • 1.5 hours

Skill Level 

  • Beginner

Course Syllabus 

  • Introduction to NumPy
  • Joining NumPy Arrays
  • Numpy Intersection & Difference
  • Numpy Array Mathematics
  • Saving and Loading Numpy Array
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Pandas Series Object
  • Introduction to Pandas Dataframe
  • Pandas Functions

Python for Data Science- Great Learning Academy

This “ Python for data science” is a great course for those who want a basic understanding of python usage in data science and the importance of python architecture.

Course Duration

  • 2 hours

Skill Level

  • Beginner

Course Syllabus 

  • Why Data Science
  • Why learn Python
  • Python career
  • Popular Python packages
  • NumPy and python pandas theory and hands-on
  • Data Science Architecture
  • Components in Data Science
  • A career in Data Science
  • Skills needed to learn Python

Python Basic Programs

This course “Python Basic Programs” will help you understand the concepts such as the Fibonacci series, swapping of two numbers, reversing a string, and then we will jump to prime and Armstrong numbers. This is 1.5 hr self-placed video content that will help you to understand different types of python programs

  • Course Duration: 1.5hrs
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Price: Free
  • Syllabus :
  • Factorial
  • Fibonacci Series
  • Palindrome
  • Swapping of two numbers
  • Reversal of a String
  • Prime Number
  • Armstrong Number
  • Call by Value and Reference
  • The second-largest number on a list
  • Pattern Programming
  • Pascal Triangle
  • Matrix multiplication

Python MySQL

This course on ” Python MySQL” helps you to understand what python is and install an IDE, how to establish a database connection between online Jupyter Notebook and MySQL by installing MySQL Connector using pip.
Course Duration: 1.5hrs
Certificate: Yes
Price: Free
Syllabus :
Introduction to Python
SummaryDemo – SQL with Python
Demo – Part 2
Establishing a Database Connection
SQL Statements
Update, Delete and Drop Statements

Python For Android

This course on ” Python For Android” will help you to understand GUIs, Kivy library, and some cool python android projects.

Course Duration: 1 Hr
Price: Free
Certificate: Yes

Introduction To Python For Android
Introduction to Kivy Library
Installation of Kivy Library
Selfie App
Introduction to Calculator
AppLibraries for Calculator
App Implementation
Calculator App
Output Execution
Library Management App

Who Should Take Free Python Courses?

It’s never too late to start with Python, anyone interested in practice and dedication can learn Python. Python is an in-depth language that can be learned by anyone such as college students, developers, working professionals, or someone who wants to start their career in Python. 

Learning Python can increase your marketability, you will add a new skill set and it can also be beneficial in getting a new job or getting a promotion. Today Python is in demand by most of the industry and they are looking for skilled employees at a good package. So it is the right time to invest your time in a demanding skill and take your career off the ground.  

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