Top 6 Online Electrician Courses – How to Become Certified

Becoming an electrician is a good path to take. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that electrician jobs will increase by 14% through 2024. If you’re interested in becoming an electrician or enhancing your resume with electrical skills, you’ll need further education.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a high tuition at college just to acquire electrician skills. You can take online electrician courses to work toward becoming licensed and certified in your state. Remember that each state and local government has its own requirements and laws. Always check your state’s requirements before signing up for a course. With that in mind, here are six of the top online electrician courses.

6 Online Electrician Courses

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You can earn a career diploma with Ashworth College’s online electrician course. Because each state has different requirements, check that this course would give you the knowledge you need. The course takes approximately four months to complete and is divided into 14 comprehensive lessons. It’s based on the National Electrical Code (NEC) to ensure you’re learning what you need to remain in compliance. Ashworth College’s training course prepares students for careers in public utilities, electrical construction, maintenance, cable television, and telephone installation. It also prepares them for contract work.

In the program, you have access to instructor guidance, unlimited tutoring, two textbooks with study guides, time management guides, and personalized career guidance. Ashworth College offers three payment plans in which you save the most money if you pay in full. Those who are unable to pay $859 at once may select the monthly bill pay plan at $49 per month. The third option is the monthly auto pay plan, which is still $49 per month. It automatically withdraws your payments for convenience.

The Electrician Training Online course helps students become residential electricians in approximately seven months. You can study at whichever pace works best for you, so you may finish the course sooner or later. The Electrician Training Online program complies with the most recent version of the National Electrical Code. What you learn is up-to-date. This course is mobile-friendly, letting you study even when you’re away from home. Another benefit of Penn Foster Career School’s electrician course is it provides access to their Success Center.

At their Success Center, you can talk to success coaches, certified instructors, and teaching assistants for further help. Penn Foster Career School offers goal-setting and progress-tracking tools to help you complete the course in a timely manner. This site also offers a community where you can connect with other students in your course. You can pay either monthly or all at once to take this course. Monthly payment plans are $49, and a one time payment comes to $799. You’ll save $100 if you choose to pay in full.

This is one of the best online electrician courses for those who want to brush up their electrician skills. Everyone could use a refresher sometimes. People who can benefit from this online course are electricians, electrical engineers, utilities managers, maintenance supervisors, plant services engineers, and welders. 360 Training offers six different courses in its Basic Electrical Training. Some of these courses include electromagnestism, resistors, and basic laws of electrical circuits.

In Stratford Career Institute’s online electrician course, you’ll learn about electrical systems, including basic household wiring and special circuits. This course serves as an introduction to a career as an electrician. It’s also suitable for homeowners who want to learn how to safely complete projects around the house. The Electrician Training Distance Learning Course is divided into seven key sections. These sections include a practical approach to electrical work, electricity, residential wiring, commercial electrical wiring, and industrial electrical wiring.

Stratford Career Institute keeps the course information up-to-date, so you can rest assured you’re following the latest practices. The course usually costs $949. They allow you to pay monthly if you’re unable to pay the total cost upfront.

One of the top online electrician courses that Alison offers is Diploma in Electrical Studies. This free course teaches you about the electrical trade, circuits, safety, and electrical theory. You’ll learn how to install conductors and cables, raceways and fittings, and device boxes. In the final section, you’ll learn about test equipment and electrical drawings. If you score 80% or higher on the course’s assessments, you can receive a certification for a small fee.

This course is offered by the Western Electrical Contractors Association, ensuring accurate information. Throughout the course, you can test your knowledge via the interactive questions. At the end of the course, you’ll take the final exam. You can receive credit if you score 75% or higher overall in the course. A downside of this home study course is you need to complete it within 90 days to receive credit.

The Electrical Fundamentals & Basic Electricity course teaches students about how electricity behaves. Examples of topics covered include matter, electron theory, electrical formulas, and electromagnetism. The standard tuition fee is $99 per person.

Summing Up

Attending online electrician courses is a great way to prepare yourself for obtaining your electrician’s license. They can also serve as a refresher if you’re already working as an electrician. If you work in a related field, you can boost your resume by obtaining a certification through one of the courses above. Those who want to understand electricity or safely complete DIY projects can also take these courses. You’ll have a greater appreciation for electricity after finishing an electrician course.

Are you interested in taking one of the online electrician courses on this list? Are we missing one of your favorite online electrician courses? Let us know in the comments below.