Top 789 Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation Reviews

Original review: March 12, 2022

Even if I lose you somewhere while reading my review, please purchase a Healthy Paws pet insurance for your pet now. This is not like deciding whether to purchase your baby a duck toy or a squeaky ball. For the past 8 years Healthy Paws has saved us money we sometimes didn’t have. It has allowed us to focus our energy and time on providing Mossi the best vet-care, rather than worrying about money. You don’t want to avoid a visit to the vet because you cannot afford it. There is a lot of information online and in social media, which can be very overwhelming. It can also be very misleading, but the go-to for many people because it accessible, and cheaper. I do not recommend this at all.

Make sure your pet is covered with Healthy Paws, take them to the vet, and every other source of information should always be confirmed by your vet. Before I do lose you (as you may think I am long-winded) think of surgeries and cancer, which are very common. Waiting until a sickness or odd-bump passes or goes away because it is not “big deal,” or avoiding routine examinations because “what if they are too expensive” – should never be the decision-process regarding your pet’s health. Pet insurance removes that financial obstacle. Your pet/baby’s life may be short, but you can extend them and make the more comfortable with the proper veterinary care.

As soon as we welcomed Mossi Banana into our lives, we purchased a Healthy Paws policy. It came to use right away! Two of the best decisions in our lives! My precious Yorkie, as is the case with the breed, has struggled with allergies, food sensitivities, osteoarthritis, and an incessantly curious and excitable personality that cannot be cured. Our journey with her tummy issues, food and seasonal allergies that change from year to year and as she ages, two surgeries for ruptured ligaments on her hind legs, a fractured tooth (she is a hard chewer, avoid plastic or antlers), have all been very stressful for Us and Her. However, the stress fades away after the visit to the vet when she starts feeling better. We do not have to worry any more than needed because she is covered. I can’t imagine feeling conflicted about foregoing a veterinary visit or treatment because of the cost. You do not want to, either.

Mossi takes various medications and supportive treatments for her gastrointestinal health and bone & joint health, which are covered by Healthy Paws. The surgeries for her hind knees, as well as her rehabilitation program did not have to be optional because we had Healthy Paws. You can decide not to do them, but without them you would be seriously and negatively affecting the length and quality of your pet’s life. When her recovery sessions needed to be extended, Healthy Paws covered them – no questions asked. I submit my invoices the day of the treatment, and I can have the money in our bank account within the same week, sometimes within couple of days – this is a life saver!

Preventative care and food is already expensive, but often doable if you have Healthy Paws to cover the rest. We have a tight budget, and can cover the preventative and food, but beyond that we would struggle and have to make difficult choices about our pet’s health. You do not have to! As she ages, some of her health conditions are becoming more easily aggravated, which require more specialized care. Because we have Healthy Paws, we can afford an Internal Medicine Veterinarian that specializes in small dogs. Yes, there are veterinarians that specialize in many fields, but are usually more expensive. Specialized medicine can extend and even save your pet’s life. It is more expensive, but it will not be an issue because you have Healthy Paws to cover your pet. I am amazed that Mossi’s veterinary care and HP coverage are much better than my own human health care care and insurance coverage!

If you have a breed that is known for great health, get an insurance with the lowest deductible and/or lowest reimbursement. Later, you can change them! Cancer and accidents can be very indiscriminate no matter the breed. You will regret not getting a policy, you will NOT regret getting one because you will need it. If you have a breed that is prone to health issues, get a HP pet policy immediately – and instead, spend the time and energy working with their vet, and doing your own research to learn about your pet’s predispositions and conditions so that you can provide them with best holistic care possible. Get a HP policy, it will make your and your pet’s quality of life MUCH BETTER! You will have more money for toys, treats and trips with your beloved pet(s)!