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California is arguably the most famous state in all of America. California is known for incredible weather all year round, amazing beaches, Hollywood, as well as its large economy. It is the go-to state for those looking to chase their American dreams and is home to many incredible Hollywood stars we know and love. With such a lavish and fancy state, it comes as no surprise that golf is one of the better-known sports in California with some of the best golf courses in California. These are the list of best golf courses in California.

1. Monterey Peninsula Country Club (shore)

best golf courses in california

Located in Pebble Beach California, there are two courses at Monterey Peninsula Country Club which are the Dunes and the Shore. However, although the Dunes was once the course that received many praises for its incredible layout, the Shore has now taken the crown since it is considered the better of the two by many. Also, the course which was designed by Bob Baldock in 1962, has gained notoriety for hosting the Bing Crosby Pro-Am in 1965 and 1966. This 18-hole, par 71 course is a private club that offers an amazing artistic design and is situated along the 17 Mile with proximity to the open ocean making it a no-brainer for many.

Monterey Peninsula Country Club (Shore) Course Details:

Par72Length6873 yardsSlope Rating133Course Rating74.3Course Details

Monterey Peninsula Country Club (Shore) Course Details:

DayRatesWeekdays$100Weekends$100For more information on rates please visit golfcalifornia

Monterey Peninsula Country Club (Shore) Reviews:

“The best views, had an absolute blast today. Loved every minute of it.”


“If you’re able to get in a round of golf (assuming you remember or know a member) the course is quite nice, and it’s a great experience playing this close to the ocean. If you’re wanting to get in a round of golf in the area and have the ability to come here, this course is worth the stop.”


“The best course I’ve played. Both the Sands and the Dunes courses are unbelievably picturesque and immaculately maintained. I’m not sure how you could rate this club anything under 5 stars.”


2. Valley Club of Montecito

best golf courses in california

In our list of Best Golf Courses in California, Valley Club ranked second. The Valley Club of Montecito which is located in Montecito was designed by Alister MacKenzie and has garnered people’s attention and praise for over 70 years. Moreover, the course has a variety of holes including the 3rd which is hard against the barranca, the 10th with downright mountains, the 14th with an amazing view of the canyon, and the serpentine on the 15th. Finally, This 18-hole, par 72 course is a private club and is worth a visit for those looking for a golf course that is modestly designed and has its fair share of challenges and fun.

Valley Club of Montecito Course Details:

Par72Length6603 yardsSlope Rating131Course Rating72.4Course Details

Valley Club of Montecito Green Fees:

DaysRatesWeekdays$62-$72Weekends$62-$72For more information on rates please visit golfcalifornia

Valley Club of Montecito Reviews:

“Usually described as one of Alister MacKenzie’s more understated designs, there is nothing understated about the size and quantity of the bunkering that protects the excellent and subtly sloping greens.”


“Great atmosphere great staff, and a great day of golf.”


“Beautiful golf course, close to ocean.”


3. The Olympic Club (Lake)

best golf courses in california

Founded in 1860, The Olympic Club is the oldest athletic club in all of America. After the Great War, The Olympic Club decided to add golf to their arsenal and bought the Lakeside course. Despite its name, there are absolutely zero water hazards and there is only a single fairway bunker on the entire course but this does not take away from its natural beauty since trees are the standing-out feature of this course. In addition, this 18-hole, par 71 course is a private club that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Obviously, this golf course is a magnificent sight for those looking for a beautiful golf experience at one of the best golf courses in California.

The Olympic Club (Lake) Course Details:

Par70Length7162 yardsSlope Rating143Course Rating75.7Course Details

The Olympic Club (Lake) Green Fees:

DaysRatesWeekdays$89Weekends$89For more information on rates please visit golfcalifornia

The Olympic Club (Lake) Reviews:

“Golf courses are always pristine. Pace of play is typically very good.”


“Love this place to play golf. I suck so 9 hole is my favorite. Awesome views of the water. Burger dogs are a must.”


“Awesome view. Definitely a world class golf course. Glad to have the chance to be here.”


4. San Francisco Golf Club

best golf courses in california

Located in San Francisco, The San Francisco Golf Club is designed by A.W Tillinghast in 1915 and is a gorgeous parkland course that tries to showcase the best golfing experience as best as they can. Additionally, the beautiful pine trees and cypress that are scattered neatly throughout the course provide a tempting sight but also some challenges. Therefore, this 18-hole, 71 Par course is a private club that has definitely earned its notoriety for its amazing design and overall complete golfing experience.

San Francisco Golf Club Course Details:

Par 71Length6828 yardsSlope Rating136Course Rating74.1Course Details

San Francisco Golf Club Green Fees:

DaysRatesWeekdays$50-$200Weekends$50-$200For more information on rates please visit golfcalifornia

San Francisco Golf Club Reviews:

“Awesome layout not too difficult to walk. Amazing condition, very exclusive. Some freeway noise on the finishing holes. Looking forward to coming back in the near future.”


“I’ve had the privilege of playing this course three times. Easily in my top five. Fabulous facility and experience.”


“Awesome day on a great course where so many holes frame up so well… hope I get another chance in this lifetime.”


5. Riviera Country Club

best golf courses in california

Located in just 2 miles North West of Santa Monica, Riviera Country Club was designed by George C. Thomas Jr. who was an incredibly underrated architect given his amazing work of putting together a solid golf course that is both stunning and challenging. Apart from that, Riviera Country Club has hosted many championships with PGA Tour being one of them, which is hosted every February. Also, this 18-hole, 71 par private course is one of many courses that visitors love coming to each year, solely for its liveliness with events and tournaments being held every so often.

Riviera Country Club Course Details:

Par71Length7366 yardsSlope Rating137Course Rating75.6Course Details

Riviera Country Club Green Fees:

DaysRatesWeekdays$350-$560Weekends$350-$560For more information on rates please visit golfcalifornia

Riviera Country Club Reviews:

“One of the best golf courses in the USA and perhaps anywhere. This Iconic club has seen some of the greatest golfers in the world and it is a special place. With a long, challenging course that has landmark holes, Riviera maintains an incredible allure that is a unmatched almost anywhere in the world. Home to a great pga tournament as well.”


“Beautiful golf course with tons of scenery. The course can get steep at times though. I came here for the Genesis Invitational and this was by far the best food course I’ve been too! A difficult course but it’s fun.”


“Probably one of the most gorgeous venues; you completely forget you’re on a golf course.”


6. The Los Angeles Country Club (North)

best golf courses in california 4

Located near Beverly Hills, The Los Angeles Country Club’s North course is truly an amazing piece of art. The club was founded in 1897 and moved locations several times before settling on its current location near Beverly Hills in 1911. Furthermore, the course which is now known as the North was refashioned and redesigned plenty of times to restore its former glory. Finally, this 18-hole, par 71 course is a private course that encapsulates the standard of beauty which every golf course should aspire to reach.

The Los Angeles Country Club (North) Course Details:

Par70Length7010 yardsSlope Rating139Course Rating74.6Course Details

The Los Angeles Country Club (North) Green Fees:

DaysRatesWeekdays$93-$140Weekends$93-$140For more information on rates please visit golfcalifornia

The Los Angeles Country Club (North) Reviews:

“One of the best golf experiences you could possibly get. Championship golf course at every tee and the green complexes are challenging yet fair.”


“All around great place. No matter the season something is always happening. Every Thursday is meet the locals with an extended version of cocktail hour plus live music.”


“One of the finest country clubs in the world.”


7. Pebble Beach Golf Links

best golf courses in california 5

Located in Pebble Beach, Pebble Beach Golf Links is widely known as the best public golf course in California and also in all of America. Plus, with a minimum cost of $575, visitors can enjoy a round of golf at one of the most stunning courses ever. Also, its natural and open layout with minimal trees invites the heavy ocean breeze onto the course which adds to the unmatched experience of this course. The gorgeous view of the ocean alone is a sight that many wish to experience while enjoying a game of golf. This 18-hole, 72 Par course has hosted a variety of tournaments and is regarded as the best golf course that is open to the public today.

Pebble Beach Golf Links Course Details:

Par72Length7075 yardsSlope Rating148Course Rating75.9Course Details

Pebble Beach Golf Links Green Fees:

DaysRatesWeekdays$575Weekends$575For more information on rates please visit golfcalifornia

Pebble Beach Golf Links Reviews:

“A dream came true, being able to play this beutiful piece of art.”


“We were there for a lazy afternoon , enjoyed cocktails & lunch. We enjoyed the atmosphere, great people watching too.”


“Great place with lots of room, and small greens.”


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8. The Hay

best 9 hole course in california

Located in Pebble Beach is an up-and-coming golf course that will soon reach its stardom and fame. It is among the best executive golf courses in California. Redesigned by Tiger Woods himself, this 2021 golf course is the best 9-hole golf course in California given its amazing new design and its captivating view of the beach. Although quite short, this 9-hole, par 27 course is indeed very much fun and exciting. It offers its own challenges which many have had great experiences with. The Hay is definitely one of the best golf courses in California today.

The Hay Course Details:

Par27Length670 yardsSlope Rating–Course Rating–Course Details

The Hay Green Fees:

DaysRatesWeekdays$65Weekends$65For more information on rates please visit golfcalifornia

The Hay Reviews:

“A fun yet tough par 3 course with beautiful views of the ocean.”


“Way more fun than expected. Recommend anyone in the area, without the time to play a full round, to stop in and play at The Hay.”


“Great practice course! The 9 holes of Par 3 holes was beautifully maintained. Really well made and fun. The putting course is perfect!”



In summary, California is by far one of the perfect destinations for golfers alike. This is due to the amazing weather, booming atmosphere, and stunning scenery is a small part of what makes California one of the best states for golfing and one of the best states in general. Although there are many more best golf courses in California that some may prefer or dislike from this list, the most important key to keep in mind is to enjoy the game above everything else.