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Fried Calamari
$8.00Lightly dredged calamari with house-made chili aioli

Roasted Brussels Sprouts
$8.00Served with a spicy soy, garlic sauce

Loaded Baked Potato Tots
$8.00Fully loaded tots with sour cream sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, chives, and bacon bits

Pork Belly Tostada
$9.00Pastele pork belly with rocoto crema, tomato relish, and cilantro

Meatball Banh Mi
$11.00Open-faced Vietnamese-inspired meatball sandwich, tomato sauce, pickled vegetables, and cilantro on a roasted garlic aioli crostini

Goat Cheese Rangoons
$10.00Deep fried Hawaii Island Dairy goat cheese with bacon and chives with five-spice dipping sauce

Tempura Burrata with Spicy Tomato
$13.00With a basil, macadamia nut pesto

Top of Waikiki Poke
$15.00Fresh ahi, onions, jalapenos, Korean-style Ko Chu Jang sauce, and Kula baby romaine lettuce

Duck Pizza
$13.00Chinese roasted duck, hoisin, sriracha, avocado, and cilantro on a scallion pancake