Top Secret Restaurant Recipes: Creating Kitchen Clones from America’s Favorite Restaurant Chains: Wilbur, Todd: 9780452275874: Books

Having viewed the website before you had to pay for the recipes I was confident that the book would be great. I wasn’t disappointed. Not having lived in the US for a decade I can’t really comment on how close these come to the originals, but they are great recipes none the less. A bit of shopping around is called for in the UK as even really common things such as corn syrup aren’t available in supermarkets, but you can get them if you look hard enough on-line. I have ordered the second book as it has the recipe for Chilli’s ribs – something that has me salivating at the thought. All in all more authentic American recipes than in most of the other cookbooks I have bought, as long as you aren’t on a diet. Yum!