Tornado Anniversary: Cabrera’s Restaurant reflects on progress six months later

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – It’s been six months since devastating tornadoes ravaged the city of Bowling Green, and one business is reflecting on its progress thus far.

“I told my kids don’t worry, we are going to find new jobs and succeed,” says Miguel Lomeli, the owner of Cabrera’s Restaurant of what he told his kids the day after the tornadoes.

December 11, 2021, is the day on which Lomeli lost his beloved restaurant to devastating tornadoes in the city of Bowling Green. A place that is now symbolized by his food truck.

“The most difficult part was seeing my kids’ faces since we all worked there, my kids were upset, some were crying asking me ‘dad what are we gonna do? where are we gonna work?’ recalled Lomeli.

After realizing the devastation and the destruction left behind by the tornadoes, Lomeli knew he had to do something to keep his restaurant afloat.

“Right now, we have the food truck in the same location and there we are cooking the food just how it used to be at Cabrera’s before, the same menu, the same spices, and everything, it’s just everything is to go,” added Lomeli

He says those that visit the food truck always ask the same question, will Cabrera’s Restaurant be making a return?

“Yes that is my goal, my goal is to, I think in the beginning of the year or before the end of the year to begin construction,” also says Lomeli.

Even adding that it will be returning to the same location.

“We are in the process of that, negotiating with the owner of the location to buy it and build the restaurant right there,” he says.

Lomeli is excited for the new chapter of the restaurant to begin.

“I think the thing that will be the most different will be the building, it will be completely new, and I imagine it will be more appealing with a new design,” says Lomeli.

And more than anything, he’s grateful for the support he continues to receive since the day it all happened.

“Very thankful for the support I continue to have even on days where it is very sunny, or its raining or it’s windy, even then I have the support of the people that continue to go to the food truck,” also said Lomeli

Meanwhile, the Cabrera’s food truck continues operating where the restaurant once stood at 2225 Russellville Rd

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