Toss a coin to these remixes of that song from The Witcher

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The Witcher is a television show. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? If you’ve tossed a coin to Netflix, there’s a decent chance you’ve watched it, too (according to Netflix, anyway). It’s also pretty fun : As our own William Hughes put it in his warm pre-air review, after a few exposition-heavy outings the show “makes a strong argument for being worth the wait. Given a decent scene partner to work with… Cavill comes to life, employing his considerable comic chops as a sword-swinging straight man. And while gritty fantasy series tend to keep their more “unrealistic” elements at arm’s length, The Witcher embraces its fairy tale nature, albeit in a bloodier than normal fashion.”

What that review doesn’t mention is that it contains a song, and that song is an undeniable earworm.


Unsurprisingly, the internet leaped into action once the fever started catching, and now there are various and sundry remixes and covers out there to enjoy. Here’s the original.

First up: a club remix, a still from the video for which adorns this very article.

This one speaks for itself.

This one here is like if you took The Witcher, game or show, and allowed it to play several hours of Mario Party.

I say this with love: Someone please find a way to play this version under the credits of Riverdale or some similarly youthful sexed-up CW drama.

And here is an EPIC VERSION, caps theirs.

These are but a few attempts at bettering what performer performer Joey Batey and songwriters Jenny Klein, Sonya Belousova, and Giona Ostinelli hath wrought. Toss a comment to your AV Clubbers if you’ve got a favorite we missed. We’ll end, not with a cover of “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher,” but with a video that pairs a fight scene from the premiere with a god-tier pop song.