Tram Experience

What is the capacity of the tram?
The Tram Experience can host up to a maximum of 36 guests: 5 tables of 4 and 8 tables of 2 (these tables cannot be moved).

Is it possible to book for 3 persons or any other number?
The Tram Experience is not designed for odd number of bookings; the tables are designed to accommodate 2 or 4 people. Moreover, it is not possible to group tables together, as they cannot be moved around. For more information, please send your request to

Is it possible to book the whole tram?
You have the possibility to privatise the whole Tram (36 seats). It is also possible to privatise one of the carriages, with 16 or 20 seats, on a normal journey. For more information, please send your request to

How many staff members are on board?
1 chef and 2 to 3 serving staff, and the tram driver of course.

What about my personal belongings?
The Tram Experience offers a two-hour tour in a restricted space so you are advised to only take what is strictly necessary such as handbags as we do not have a designated space to store personal effects.

How long does it last?
Menu ‘Tram’: 2h – 2h10
Menu ‘Experience’ : 2h45

Where can I find a parking facility nearby?
Place Poelaert: interparking Sablon-Poelaert

How does the reservation work?
Given the sizeable number of requests for reservations onboard the Tram Experience, it is unfortunately impossible for us to reserve seats without immediate payment for them. The only online payment methods possible are therefore by credit card or by bank card. If you cannot pay online, you can also visit our offices for payment in person (Grand Place and/or Rue Royale 2-4).

Is it possible to get an invoice/VAT voucher?
If you require an invoice/VAT voucher for your company, you must make your reservation on our online platform of ticketing. Once you’ve made the payment, you’ll just have to send your request by email at

Are there toilets on board?

Is it possible to change the menu?
It is possible to request a menu adapted to possible food restrictions and/or allergies or to request a meatless menu (a fish menu will be served). We try to accomodate all of our customers as much as possible, but due to the limited space available in the kitchen on board the tram, the feasibility of all special requests must be assessed in advance by our teams. For more information, please send your request to

Do the benches impose any space restrictions?
The Tram Experience has fixed 1 or 2-seater benches. Technical constraints linked to the fixing of the furniture on board do not allow us to offer a modular seating arrangement. The space available for this seating can therefore be relatively small (width of 40cm between the back of the chair and the beginning of the table).

Is the tram accessible to persons with reduced mobility?
Sadly, the model of this tram dates back to the 1960s and, as such, is not intended for this purpose. As access to the tram and the space available on board are extremely limited, we cannot accommodate wheelchair users.

Is there air conditioning and heating in the tram?
As in all trams, the heating is generated by the braking system; in addition, a ventilation system is provided, and all window tops are tilt-and-turn. In winter, we advise people who are chilly to bring an extra shawl or jumper.