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The Investing Class That Changed My Life

Robert Kiyosaki standing by a private jet in an airplane hanger.

It was 1973, and I had just returned from Vietnam where I spent two tours as a helicopter pilot with the Marines.

My poor dad, my birth father, suggested I go back to school and get my Master’s degree. My rich dad suggested I take a real estate investment course so I could one day become a professional investor.

Undecided, I chose to do both. I flew for the Marines during the day to pay the bills and began an MBA program at night. It only took six months for me to realize I had made a mistake entering the MBA program. The main reason for leaving the program: the instructors. They weren’t business owners and had no real world experience. They were professional teachers teaching business courses.

The End of Traditional Education for Me

One day, near the end of my time in the MBA program, I took a break from my studies to watch some television. An infomercial for a free seminar on real estate investing flashed on the screen. I attended the free weekend real estate class, liked what I had heard, and invested $385 for a three-day real estate seminar.

Unlike the stuffy professors from the MBA program, the instructor for the course was different. He was real— a rich, experienced, and successful investor who loved to teach. I learned a lot from him.

But what made his teaching methods better than the MBA professors?

It wasn’t what they were teaching… but how they were teaching it.

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