Travel The World With This Midtown Eatery’s Rotating Menu Of Global Cuisine

You never have to wait long for something completely new at The Consulate

From the Iranian desert to the tropical islands of the Philippines, anything is possible at The Consulate. Located in Midtown Atlanta, this gorgeous global restaurant does something truly unique and special.

Their iconic menu is set up into two sections. There’s a ‘Visa’ section of the menu, and a resident menu. The resident menu features staple favorites that certainly shouldn’t be to over-looked, especially considering their Visa Menu makes The Consulate one of Atlanta’s many unique eats.

Interiors and the globe at The Consulate

The Visa section of their meu is their rotating menu of global cuisines. Every 90 days, a customer spins their globe to randomly select the next country that’ll inspire their menu. Expect them to be serving up some unique delicacies form every chosen nation, that’ll take over the stunningly decorated, travel-themed restaurant for three months straight.

Once the three months are over, another exotic destination will be chosen. Their current menu is inspired by Iran, with an extensive (and delicious) selection of dishes inspired by Iranian cuisine.

The Consulate

They recently announced on Instagram that their next menu is taking a detour from the globe spin to honor Ukraine amidst the humanitarian crisis that’s currently happening in Europe. Their Iranian-themed menu will end on May 31st.

They write, “In these trying times, we feel it is important to focus all attention on this country.”

For more information on The Consulate, click here to visit their website. For more unique eats in Atlanta, from robot pizza waiters to a spectacular indoor-garden turned restaurant, click the link below for our unmissable round-up.

The Consulate is located at 10 10th St NW, Midtown Atlanta.