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There were eight of us who signed up for lunch at Treetops and a tour of the Wright houses in Polymath Park. To begin the tour you stop at the lower floor of the Restaurant. We were warmly greeted by a very personable lady. We…were to dine at 1:00pm. We were directed to the upper part of the restaurant at 1:00. Unfortunately this is when the whole experience was ruined. First a rude waitress who would be serving us said just wait we will get to you when the table is ready. Then another one told us to move out if the entrance since we were causing a fire hazard. Told to stand next to another wall. By now it’s 1:10. We are seated. Then told we should hurry and pick want to eat since our tour would leave promptly at 2:00. The appetizer was chef’s choice there were three choices of an entree and dessert was Chefs choice. We quickly chose our entree. The waitress said water all around. I’m not sure if there were other beverages to choose from but we took the water. Her main concern was to get us out of here as quickly as possible. She then brought a roasted poblano pepper with some ricotta and 2 cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately she dumped the food down so quickly she forgot to give of cutlery or napkins. We eventually flagged down another waitress who provided them. We then waited awhile. Seven of us ordered the Waldorf Chicken salad and one ordered a vegetable plate. The salad contained a small amount of chicken, a rolled piece of zucchini and cranberries that have been cut in half with a side of vinaigrette dressing. That was it. No apples , nuts or celery usually found in that type of salad. No bread service is included. When we began to eat same waitress then dumped a small apricot cookie square on the table for our dessert. Again mentioned that the tour leaves promptly at 2:00. By the way some got one blueberry with it and some didn’t. Needless to say we would never return here recommend this establishment to anybody. We then went on the tour which was very interesting and Rickie our guide was personable and knowledgeable. So go for the tour and skip the lunch.