Tribu Restaurant — Casa Beatnik Hotel

With the opening of Tribu, Chef Marcos has come to Galicia, to the home of the products that have made Porto one of the most original restaurants to open this decade. At Tribu, he is further freed to explore and experiment with both the Galician ingredients that he loves and new products, from the land and from the sea, that until now he has not been able to incorporate in Chicago due to import controls.

For Tribu’s Debut Menus, running from July 20th to October 16th, Chef Marcos and the culinary team of Porto are collaborating with Casa Beatnik Hotel’s culinary team to present two multi- course experiences. Tribu’s international culinary team combine their contemporary worldview to showcase the most sought-after sustainable ingredients from Galicia — from its fish markets, forests and premier producers and purveyors – to create hyper-seasonal tasting menus. Dishes share a spirit of tradition and modernity, with inventive compositions created by incorporating ancestral preservation techniques (smoking, curing, pickling, dry-aging) and cooking exclusively over charcoal and wood.

Starting this Fall and in subsequent seasons, Chef Marcos will also partner with different chefs from around the world who share his passion for Galicia’s boundless treasures and his love for cooking exclusively with charcoal, wood and ancestral preservation methods. Together, they will create Tasting Menus with dishes from their award-winning kitchens abroad and new journeys that marry a ‘kilometer 0’ philosophy with their nomadic culinary backgrounds.