Trix Yogurt is officially coming back. Here are 25 other discontinued childhood snacks we want next.

Fans of Planters Cheez Balls don’t have to be heartbroken over the loss of their favorite snack — Planters brought them back in three new flavors.

planters cheez balls

The new Cheez Balls.


Planters Cheez Balls were around for a lot longer than P.B. Crisps, and have the same dedicated fan base.

Having peaked in popularity in the 1980s, they were gone from our lives for many years starting in 2006. While there have been many claims to the cheese snack throne, like Cheetos Puffs or Utz Cheese Balls, none have come close to Cheez Balls.

That’s probably why Planters brought them back in 2019 with a giant celebration, giving out free Planters Cheez Powder to customers. Now, they’re offered in classic, nacho, and white cheddar flavors.

Watch an ad for Cheez Balls here.