Tru by mur menu in Lawrence, New York, USA

I really wanted a lovely experience but it wasn?t. Front of the house was giving wrong orders to tables. No one came came to take our order until 45 mins later. The manager seemed to Scribble what we wanted down but never put it in to cook. About 30 mins later another waitress asked For our order again. At that point, I wanted to leave but we wasted so much time there.. we thought we best just eat. Lord knows how long later, the entree comes and is completely raw inside. They didn?t care that we wanted to send it back and didn?t offer to reimburse me. I literally threw up outside because the meat was raw. I wanted to love you Mur but the customer service and lack of food quality and consistency made me turn away. I was going to walk out without paying.

UPDATE: thank you for responding to my review. It?s not fake! I was there June 29 for my birthday under my husbands name. There as a waitress present?. My experience above really happened. Sorry about that! I will post a picture of the steak that was raw! I wanted to love you Mur! Thanks again!