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Truck Dispatching Business in the US. Why it can be profitable?

Truck dispatching business is a part of the multi-million transportation industry in USA. Trucking companies rely on dispatchers to find appropriate freight for them to transport and then communicate with all the parties involved (drivers, brokers, shippers, receivers etc.).


A truck dispatcher almost always makes money, since their services are either prepaid or they receive percentage of the booked transportation rate. But unlike other parties involved in transportation, a dispatcher does not have to invest much to start dispatching business. A dispatcher mostly invests their skills and time, so anyone who speaks English, has basic computer skills and good internet connection can become a dispatcher.


On average, one dispatcher can serve 3-5 trucks simultaneously. Each truck can generate around a $1,000 per month in revenue for a truck dispatcher. Therefore, if you find and manage 3 to 5 trucks you can be earning around $3,000 to $5,000.