Turkish Kitchen saute

Updated to correct days of week that Turkish Kitchen is open. 


The little Turkish kitchen — now known as Turkish Kitchen — didn’t do itself any favors when it first opened just before the new year and did what many people saw as a questionable business decision. And that’s too bad because the food is about as good as any Turkish food you’ll find in Central Florida, which over the last few years has seen several good restaurants specializing in the cuisine open.

Notably among them is Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine, which has two popular locations, on Park Avenue in Winter Park and on Sand Lake Road’s Restaurant Row in Orlando.

So when another Turkish restaurant opened on Semoran Boulevard, just north of Colonial Drive, with the name Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen it confused many. Bosphorous, of course, is the name of the strait that separates Europe from Asia, although the usual spelling is Bosphorus.

Why the owners of the new restaurant thought that they should, or could, name their restaurant so similarly to two others already in the area is something I can’t answer. And I hope that they haven’t created so much ill will that they will prevent people who love good Turkish food to give it a try.