Turtle Island – Columbus – Roaming Hunger

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Turtle Island has come ashore in the Biggest Small Town in America. They’re here to harness the power of ingredients straight from the earth, whipping up on-point street food for residents of Columbus who adhere to a strictly plant-based diet. If you catch ‘em popping up at an event, be sure to sample the fare. Even avid meat-lovers will fall in love.

The menu sports a whole mix of classic street foods made vegan, from tacos to sliders to empanadas. These goodies smash the notion meat-free equals taste-free as cooks use full-flavored ingredients like mushrooms and cilantro slaw seasoned up with lip-smacking spreads like cayenne aioli and truffle oil. In addition to eats served on the streets, there’s a full catering menu with dishes like risotto and ravioli plus decadent dessert options such as lemon tart and chocolate cake. Speaking of catering, planning an event? Book with Turtle Island. You won’t regret it.

Braised Jack Tortellini – The pork-like taste of jackfruit stuffed into tortellini shells and smothered in thyme curry cashew cream sauce. Yum.