Turtle Lake Brewing Company | Hanoi, Vietnam

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This is no normal Vietnamese brewpub! It has been constructed at great cost in a premium location overlooking the West Lake. It’s more suited to California than Hanoi. Lots of rustic wood, brick and concrete. You can sit inside, outside, upstairs or at the bar. The upstairs tables in the patio area at the front overlook the lake. Food is reasonably priced but beer, especially flights, is much higher than elsewhere. A flight of four 125ml samples is 180k Dong. Elsewhere it is generally 110k or less. You get what you pay for though I guess, as the beer quality is well above average for the region. Working Wi-Fi and great staff. The staff here speak superb English in most cases. Attracts mainly an expat crowd as you might imagine. Not realistically walkable from the city centre so take a Grab taxi. There are other places in the area to visit too. For any RateBeerian in the city, this has to be somewhere near the top of your list of places to visit. You should not come to Hanoi without visiting Turtle Lake. The map location has precise GPS coordinates and is therefore accurate.

Updated rating from my visit on the 23rd May 2019. The number of tap beers has declined. The bar was packed with seriously rowdy customers. Half the beers on the board were not available. They told me that I should should order from the paper thực đơn instead of the board. I did, but three of the four beers I wanted on a flight they would not let me have, either because the beer was a mix of two beers or they were not Turtle Lake Beers. I paid my bill and left. My first visit here a few months back was pleasant and enjoyable but my most recent visit was awful. I didn’t feel at all welcome and the place just seemed like a noisy dive bar. Hand on heart, I can no longer recommend this place. It’s gone seriously downhill both in terms of their offering and the people who come here.