Uchi Chef/Owner Tyson Cole Reveals Plans To Open Uchi Restaurant In Dallas

Okay Uchi fans, the wait is over. Uchi is headed to Dallas.  This afternoon comes word: The owners of Uchi announced the long-awaited location of their fourth restaurant, and the third location of Uchi, to open late 2014 or early 2015. The restaurant will be located in the ArtsCenter on the corner of Maple Avenue and Randall Street at 2817 Maple Avenue.

Got something to say Tyson Cole? “We are so excited to bring Uchi to Dallas,” comments owner and Chef Tyson Cole. “It’s a thrill to start planning for another restaurant in Texas.”

Here’s a bit more:

The cuisine will meld the best offerings of the first Uchi and Cole’s second Austin concept, Uchiko, much like Uchi Houston which opened February 2012. Chef Cole’s signature menu offerings include hot and cool tastings, makimono, yakimono, tempura and, of course, sushi and sashimi. Each guest at the table may enjoy and share the experience of dining at Uchi together.  Every detail is thoughtfully managed so the guest may enjoy the progression of the meal in a seamless flow, each bite meant to build upon the last.

OMG. IJS. LOL. WTF? Is this a great city or what!

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