Udemy has a database of over 500 free online courses. These are the 7 most popular ones.

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Whether you’re interested in web development bootcamps or in-depth art classes, Udemy offers over 130,000 paid online courses taught by industry leaders. One of its bestselling ones, for instance, teaches beginners how to code in Python and has had over 1.2 million students. Paid courses offer features like unlimited access, certificates of completion, and the ability to message the instructor.

But if you’re not ready to pay for and commit to a particular course or area of study, Udemy also offers 586 free online courses, in subjects that range from programming and Excel basics to photography and personal development. All you need to do to take them is sign up for a free Udemy account. While they don’t have the same benefits as paid courses (like certificates), they can be great ways to test out different subjects or pick up quick skills like coding a game or website, analyzing data in Excel, or setting SMART-er goals.

7 Udemy online courses you can take for free: