Udon Restaurants in Japan

When thinking of Japanese noodle dishes, the first thing that comes to mind for many is usually ramen. But be sure not to overlook its thicker, chewier cousin: udon. Usually served in a light dashi broth with tempura on the side, they’re a favorite all over Japan, but especially in Kagawa Prefecture where the delightfully chewy sanuki udon comes from.

When cooked just right, udon is a delightful al-dente texture, and makes for a delicious and inexpensive meal. But that doesn’t mean to say they’re only for quick lunchtime bites — take a look at byFood’s range of Japanese udon restaurants and you’ll find family-run stores rubbing shoulders with sophisticated restaurants that work these classic noodles into delicious dishes like hot pots and stir-fried noodle plates.

The best part is that, in many of its classic dishes, Japanese udon noodles can be suitable for vegetarians, pescatarians, and vegans too! It’s the perfect traditional Japanese meal to accommodate a group of diners with varying requirements. After you’ve developed a taste for these fantastically filling noodles, why not try making your own udon noodles from scratch?