UI/UX Design Bootcamp: Become a UI/UX Designer. Job Guaranteed.

The skills survey is a basic assessment to make sure you’ll have a successful experience in the course.

What can you expect?
The technical skills survey is a combination of multiple choice and free-form questions, and is designed to evaluate your (a) visual aptitude; (b) ability to empathize with users and synthesize information; (c) justify design decisions.

We’re not looking for perfect answers — you’re not a UI/UX Design pro yet! Rather, we want to get a better sense of your instincts in each area.

The skills survey is not a timed test but, for reference, most students take less than 45 minutes to complete it.

This skills survey will allow us — and you — to assess your readiness for the course. If you find the survey difficult and are not able to successfully answer a majority of the questions in each section, don’t worry! We have great options for you, and can advise you on best next steps after you’ve submitted the assessment.