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Rockefeller Center Chiropractor Accepts UMR Insurance for Pain Relief and Whole Body Wellness

If you are searching for a Midtown East or West Chiropractor look no further than us at Rockefeller Health & Medical. We offer quality chiropractic services that can help you reduce anybody pain, improve circulation and posture, and improve your overall body wellness. We serve the NYC area and accept UMR Insurance options for your convenience. Chiropractic care is not about just masking symptoms as they arise, it is a field of whole body wellness and preventative medicine to improve your health as a whole. 

Chiropractor talking to a patientWhat Exactly is UMR Insurance? 

UMR insurance is a third-party administrator that works with your employers insurance choice. They can administer and implement retirement plans, insurance plans, insurance add-ons, and risk management. They take some of the hassle out of providing quality insurance to employees. Managed health care also means that in some cases care can be more personalized, depending on the employer and plan. 

How Can UMR Insurance Help You Receive Quality Chiropractic Care in Midtown?

If you are in need of quality chiropractic care but you are unsure of your healthcare plans guidelines when it comes to visiting a chiropractor for your condition UMR insurance can clear things up for you. If your company chooses to add an amenity to their policy that they will personally pay for, such as gym memberships to encourage weight loss and health, then a UMR will help your employer implement what they want to add to their health care plans in a way that is clear for the employees. If chiropractic care is included either in the original plan or as an extra add on by your employer the UMR is key.

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At Rockefeller Health & Medical we serve Manhattan, Midtown West, East, Hell’s Kitchen and the whole 10036 area code. If you are ready to improve your health, increase your mobility, and reduce your overall pain levels call us today. We can work with your insurance options so you can feel better faster. Quality chiropractic care is about whole body wellness and overall health improvement, start your New Year’s Resolutions early with our team of professionals to back you up. Call (212)-388-5050 today!