Undergraduate Upper-Division Courses by Area

ANTH 3100
Africa: Peoples and Societies in Change

ANTH 3110
Ethnography of Mexico and Central America

ANTH 3160
Peoples of the South Pacific

ANTH 3170
America: An Anthropological Perspective

ANTH 3180
Gender, Culture, and Sexuality

ANTH 3218
Peoples and Cultures of West Africa

ANTH 3300
Elements of Religion (same as ETHN 3300)

ANTH 4500
Cross-Cultural Aspects of Socioeconomic Development

ANTH 4505
Globalization and Transnational Culture

ANTH 4510
Applied Cultural  Anthropology (same as ETHN 4521)

ANTH 4525
Global Islams

ANTH 4530
Theoretical Foundations of Sociocultural Anthropology

ANTH 4570
Anthropology of Fishing (Maritime Peoples)

ANTH 4580
The Holocaust: An Anthropological Perspective

ANTH 4600
Human Ecology: Cultural Aspects

ANTH 4610
Medical Anthropology

ANTH 4620
Nationalism and Cultural Citizenship

ANTH 4630
Nomadic Peoples of East Africa

ANTH 4690
Anthropology of Tibet

ANTH 4730
Latin American Politics and Culture through Film and Text

ANTH 4735
Contemporary Cuban Culture: Race, Gender and Power

ANTH 4740
Peoples and Cultures of Brazil

ANTH 4745
Science, Technology and Society

ANTH 4750
Culture and Society in South Asia

ANTH 4755
Cultures of Expertise: Science, Power, and Knowledge

ANTH 4760
Ethnography of Southeast Asia and Indonesia

ANTH 4770
Anthropology of Tourism

ANTH 4800
Language and Culture (same as LING 4800)