United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) Review

UAIC reviews and complaints

UAIC’s many negative customer reviews and unstable financial outlook are both concerning. We recommend that drivers get multiple quotes from other car insurance companies to educate themselves on market rates and compare coverage.

Most of UAIC’s customer reviews centered around problems and delays in handling claims. Customers noted support reps didn’t return calls promptly or at all, and many claims were denied, delayed for months or weren’t settled in a satisfactory way. For the most part, complaints through the BBB were either settled or resolved eventually.

UAIC has received abysmal customer ratings from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in two of the last three years of available data. UAIC received 245 complaints and a score of 28 in 2018, and 320 complaints and a score of 40 in 2019. A score of 40 means the company had 40 times the number of expected complaints for its size. However, UAIC only received one complaint and a respectable score of 0.16 in 2020. This could be a sign the company is improving, or it could point to a lack of data or an anomaly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

United Automobile Insurance has been Not Rated with A.M. Best since 2016, when it withdrew from A.M. Best’s financial scoring. However, its financial strength rating was graded “Weak” with a “Negative” outlook from 2013 to 2015. This means UAIC might not be able to pay out future claims for its insured drivers.

UAIC ratings



A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating (2021)Not RatedNAIC Complaint Index (2019)40.45 (National Index 1.00)Better Business BureauA