University of Phoenix – Online – Niche

Everyone is there to help the students even when we don’t think we need help. There are so many systems set up so the students will do their best, have plenty of people to turn to with questions and such. I have never experienced a school who genuinely seems to care and wants the students to save money, and have every opportunity to succeed and graduate! I was so worried about going back to school in my 50’s and all the technology I might not know but would need in classes now, but as soon as I voiced my concern it was being addressed by several faculty staff to fix it and calm my nerves. I have even referred the college to one of my son’s who wants to go back to school as well! How fun would that be? I worried about my transcripts getting back to Phoenix and getting applied to my current schedule but just like every thing else, it went as smooth as a baby’s bottom! I never ever felt like I would make it to graduating with my diploma but with Phoenix I feel I will, and thanks