University Studies Course (USC) < North Carolina State University

USC 260


Research as a Profession


(2 credit hours)


Broadly defined, research is an interconnected and global process that adds new knowledge, creativity, and innovation to any discipline, from the sciences to the arts to the humanities and in between. During the first half of this course, students will build a foundation of knowledge in the research enterprise including inquiry, research methods, and research governance in a cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary context. Through the use of site-specific case studies, students will analyze past discoveries and innovations that have shaped our current world. This analysis will then become the basis for a research project during the study abroad component of the course. Upon their return, students will learn to synthesize their findings, draw conclusions, and present their research in a cross-disciplinary manner, developing strong oral and written communication skills. To enroll, students must be accepted to the associated study abroad program. All majors are encouraged.