Upscale Dining And Ambience At RH Rooftop Restaurant In Corte Madera

The exterior of RH Rooftop Restaurant

RH Marin

If you’re looking to take advantage of Marin county’s recent reopening of indoor dining at 25% capacity, RH’s newly opened restaurant is where you need to go. RH Rooftop Restaurant in Corte Madera is one of the most beautiful places in the Bay Area to indulge in a meal.

The Rooftop Restaurant is located in a year-round, sky-lit garden escape beneath a charming atrium, sparkling crystal chandeliers and heritage olive trees. Seamlessly extending from indoors to out, the restaurant opens onto an expertly landscaped park framing unobstructed views of Mount Tamalpais to the west and San Francisco Bay and its wetlands to the east. The outdoor courtyards are outfitted with cushioned couches and chairs alongside sculpted garden shrubbery and pretty olive trees, perfect for taking a mid-meal breath of fresh air should you feel like it. 

The interior of RH Rooftop Restaurant

RH Marin

“We have working doors and windows that lead to garden courtyards and landscaped terraces,” says RH CEO Gary Friedman. “The restaurant is in a glass box in the center of a rooftop park with retractable glass walls and views of the sunset. We have integrated a consumer-facing Interior Design Firm on the second floor with an interactive Design Atelier where clients can work with our professionals to create the home of their dreams. The Gallery will also have one of a kind curated antiques and artifacts collected from our travels around the world.” 

The restaurant is located at the third floor of RH’s 60,000 square-foot-structure, which is home to a three-level gallery blurring the lines between residential and retail, indoor and outdoors, home and hospitality.

“Everything you see​ at RH Marin is a re​flection of a hierarchy that leads to harmony,” he continues. “We believe the most pleasing environments are a reflection of human design, they are a study of balance, symmetry and perfect proportions. We respect the hierarchy between the environment, landscaping, architecture, furniture, and decor that create harmony.”

“Ours is a discipline of addition by subtraction where less becomes more and calm is created through continuity. We subscribe to the principles of Vitruvius—that perfect proportions exist in human design, and beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole. Our hope is to both integrate into and elevate the local environments we inhabit.”   

The courtyard

RH Marin

If you weren’t expecting such a grand restaurant from an RH, you’re not the only one. Most wouldn’t think that such an upscale restaurant, let alone any type of dining, would be inside a retail store.

“We’re not the first ones to put a restaurant in a retail store, but we are the first to seamlessly integrate one into a retail experience,” he says. ​“We li​ke to say we don’t build retail stores. Most retail stores are archaic, windowless boxes that lack any sense of humanity. There’s no fresh air or natural light, plants die in most retail stores, and I'm sure that’s not a good environment for humans either. What we’ve created here is an inspiring and immersive experience that blurs the lines between residential and retail, indoors and outdoors, home and hospitality.”

“Spaces that are flooded with natural light and filled with fresh air. Spaces that are more home than store. The response we hear the most from customers when they shop our new Galleries is, ‘I want to live here.’ I’ve been in retail for over 40 years and I’ve never heard anyone say they want to live in a retail store, but then again, we don’t build retail stores.”   

RH Burger

RH Marin

“Furniture is just one aspect of the RH ecosystem we are building. The next generation of galleries supports our long term vision to move the brand beyond creating and selling products to conceptualizing and selling spaces. We believe in creating immersive spaces that activate all of the senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. These new Galleries and the integrated hospitality experience position our brand for the RH of the future.” 

Following in the footsteps of the brand’s acclaimed hospitality experiences in Chicago, named one of Zagat’s “10 Sexiest Restaurants;” and New York, hailed by Forbes as “the perfect place to dine;” RH Marin features an elegant, ingredient-driven menu.

“Our RH Burger was called the best burger in New York by the Financial Times, and our Shaved Ribeye on Charred Garlic Bread just might be the best sandwich on the planet, so I generally flip and coin,” says Friedman on his favorite dishes. “For breakfast or brunch, the RH Scramble with shaved truffles should also be in the conversation, and on occasion rises to the top of my list, along with the truffled grilled cheese​.” 

Roasted half-chicken

RH Marin

Other popular items include the 16oz Charred Ribeye Steak; lobster roll with drawn butter and Old Bay; the roasted half- chicken with garlic confit and potato puree; broiled salmon with honey, black pepper and lemon; and more. Dishes to share with the table include tasty plates such as the Delice de Bourgogne cheese with strawberry preserves; crispy artichokes; and the burrata with cherry tomatoes and Genovese Basil Pesto.

For dessert you can’t go wrong with their homemade chocolate chunk cookies and gelato! These cookies are seriously delicious.

RH Marin is located at 1750 Redwood Hwy, Corte Madera and is currently open for brunch, lunch, and dinner daily from 10am-9pm.