U.S. Bank Auto Loan Reviews 2022 | Credit Karma

Bad bank, bad employees. They break all kinds of collection laws!!!!!! They will call 6 times a day with the same question you have already answered!! I became unemployed 2 years ago, and after about 1 year, I started I fail behind by 1 payment. These people threaten to do everything under the sun to and too take you car back!!!! I was calling them every month and letting them know when my payment would be and how much would be paid!!!! They would call 6 or 7 times a day, everyday!!! And ask me when my payment would be made and my response would be I have already given you that information and please quit calling me. They always responded “Unless you give us a payment over the phone, we will continue to call and harrass you!” So since they continued to do so, I sent them a Cease and Desist letter, 2 days later, I recieved a certified letter stating the were repossesing my car. The law is that they cannot take adverse action against because you will not allow them to call you!!!