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One of the perks of come credit cards is Priority Pass Lounge Access. There are 1300 Priority Pass lounges around the world and I have accessed several of them. What I really love is when you can use it at one of the Priority Pass restaurants. Using Priority Pass at an airport restaurant can get you up to $28 worth of food. And…your guest can get $28 worth of food!  Even better, the dining credits are based on the total bill and number of guest credits. So if your bill is $30 and the guest’s bill is $25 then your total bill is $55. The dining credit is $28 per person or $56 so the bill will be $0 before tip. (Be sure and tip based on the total bill). Credit cards that come with the ability to do this include:

My home airport of Denver International has the Sweetwater Taphouse Restaurant. It has the best French dip sandwiches so I love to stop there and use this perk If I’m flying out near lunch or dinner time.


Sandwich with beef in it and fries

List of Priority Pass Airport Restaurants in the U.S.



There are also several restaurants in International Airports so be sure and check your connecting and departure airports to see if this is a benefit you can utilize. You can save so much money on food and beverages by using lounges and restaurants with your Priority Pass.

Be sure and enroll for Priority Pass first. You will need to show your card or an electronic version of your card plus your boarding pass to claim your benefit. There will be a sign in front of the restaurant that shows that they accept Priority Pass memberships. Unfortunately, the Priority Pass memberships that one with American Express Cards (other than the Ritz Carlton) cannot access the restaurants.

Bottom Line

Not only can you access lounges with your Priority Pass membership, using Priority Pass at an airport restaurant is also available at select destinations. What is your favorite Priority Pass restaurant that you have used?