Uteach vs. LearnWorlds

In this incredibly fast-paced and competitive industry where news comes out every second, you need to do everything to stay up-to-date and even more to be on top. 

There are multiple platforms available online for online course creation and purchase. However, it is critical to choose the right one because it is crucial for further success. Therefore, this article will compare and review two giant platforms for online course creation and sales – Uteach and LearWorlds. 


So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

What are Uteach and LearnWorlds?

Let’s start from scratch. So what are Uteach and LearnWorlds? Basically, both of those are platforms for online coaches to make and sell online courses and for students to purchase and enhance their skills.  

Simply put, both of those offer an all-in-one platform for creating and hosting online courses. Simple yet powerful, they offer many features and easy to use user interface. However, there are key aspects that those platforms differ from one another, thus making the final choice easier. 


What are Uteach and LearnWorlds?

Factors you need to consider

In order to make the correct final choice, you have to take into consideration several factors. Those factors are basically the main aspects of each platform, such as course builder, customization options, automation, integrations, and marketing opportunities. Now, let’s take a look at each of them in more detail. 

Course builder

Course Builder is the most crucial component of such websites. Therefore, you have to make sure it offers just enough features to build and publish powerful, SEO-optimized courses that will rank in search engines and drive sales.  

Builder opportunities

Uteach offers simple, user-friendly, yet powerful course-building opportunities. First of all, it is a drag & drop website builder that makes the whole process unimaginably easier. You can design a website and overall appearance for PC, laptops, and mobile phones separately to ensure a high-quality, pixel-perfect, and responsive design. It is vital to keep in mind that users will access your website from different devices. Therefore the website should be adopted for various screen sizes in order to enhance the overall user experience. There are still some concerns related to the limit of courses, students, courses, and teammates, but those numbers vary between the pricing plans.  

For example, in the free one, you can upload three courses but still have an unlimited number of students. In all the other plans number of uploaded courses is unlimited. You can also add admins, authors, and teammates and gain unlimited storage based on what plan you will choose. More detailed pricing is described in the pricing section of this article.  

LearnWorlds offers similar building opportunities as Uteach does. With Learnwolrds again, depending on the pricing plan, you can add a certain amount of courses, students, teammates, and have specific storage. For example, with all the plans, you can publish unlimited courses; however, for the starter plan, LearnWolrds will charge 5$ per sale. Meanwhile, Uteach doe snot has any transaction fees for any of the plans. Everything you gain from the sale will be your profit. LEarnwold also does not have transaction fees for paid plans. You also will get to add admins and have an unlimited amount of students. 

Design and Customization

With Uteach, you can easily customize your website’s overall appearance and different sections. First of all, you have complete control over the number of pages, colors, and the way they will look on the front end. Besides, Uteach offers ready-to-use themes and various highly customizable templates in terms of images, texts, fonts, and colors. We live in the era where visual communication dominates, design, layouts, and user-friendliness of the interfaces truly matter. So, ensure that the platform of your choice offers enough design features.  

LearnWorlds allows you to customize and design different sections of your website. It also offers hundreds of pre-made designs and layouts for you, saving your time and still being able to make all the necessary customizations. LearnWolrds offers stunning online school templates, elements, widgets, and a theme editor.  

Digital products

Uteach provides a full-featured website where you can offer various types of online courses, other learning materials, and even non-digital products. Basically, pre-recorded classes, live sessions, e-books, audio files, and any other form of learning material that comes to your mind. The differentiating advantage of Uteach over any other platform is the availability of holding end-to-end live streams. Also, you will be able to review overall statistics and reports related to traffic, purchases, payments, etc.  

You even have an opportunity to create a blog, SEO-optimize it and generate sales through ranking higher in search engines and catching the attention of the potential buyers. 

LearnWorlds, on the other hand, is focused on particularly course selling and is not adapted for various other types of products that you as an entrepreneur and coach might want to offer. Even though this platform is highly dedicated and trustworthy, it is still good to be able to sell other digital products because it increases your chance of reaching wider audiences.  

To sum up, with Uteach, you can sell more than just online courses; you can trade digital downloads, e-books, audios, live lessons, etc.  

Digital products


Automations are specifically designed to make your life easier. With automation, people are able to automate the everyday and routine tasks that take most of their time but do not really bring a return on time investment. Therefore, choosing a platform that offers various features that automate the whole process is vital. 

Live lessons

Uteach allows you to hold live streams/lessons, plus you can add images, learning outcomes, and other information that will attract students. For live classes, you have a description section where you can basically write keyword-stuffed course descriptions to rank higher. With the integrated video meeting apps, you have a choice between Zoom and InSpace. 

Because of the fact that Uteach offers end-to-end live lessons, you can automate the whole process starting from registration, ending with mail campaigns. Therefore, you will be able to save a great deal of your time. 


LearnWorlds also allows you to create a full-featured live training session or sessions and online webinars. With LearnWolrds, you can create a calendar, and users will be able to register for live lessons on the date and time they prefer, of course, based on your availability. Also, you can notify users by email if you plan to hold a certain webinar.  

Live lessons are perfect for getting to know your audience, engaging users, and making the learning process more interactive with open discussions. 


In Uteach, you can make an amazing quiz to test the knowledge of your students and keep them motivated to learn. Your quizzes have:


  • Automatic or manual checking (choose the one you would like)

  • Passing score (so that students with insufficient grades won’t receive the certificate of knowledge)

  • Images, Documents, etc.


With a few clicks, you will be able to build a quiz with as many questions as you want to, including multiple-choice, free text, boxes with text limit, etc. 

To create Quiz, access the admin’s dashboard. Click on the dropdown menu of “Learning Content,” then on the tab “Quiz.” You will be able to see the results, reports, or edit necessary information about the Quiz. 


In LearnWorlds, you also will be able to build quizzes as part of the learning activity. Quizzes are viewed as self-assessment tools on this platform for the student. After completion, students will get immediate results from the quizzes. The quizzes are not graded; if you want to grade your students, then you need to consider the exam rubric. In the exam rubric, you can create a formal test. Therefore you get extra functionality but more complexity.  


You can create certificates for your students in Uteach that will motivate them to better acquire the learning material along the way. The best part about Uteach is that you can have a passing score for the test, which is required to get the certificate of completion, acknowledging that the student gained the skills provided.  

Plus, you can build a certificate right inside Uteach without the need to have a PDF file ready in advance. All the students who meet the passing score and other requirements at the end of the course automatically will ve provided with certificates. Thus, Uteach automation once again saves your time.  

LearnWorlds also allows you to create and provide your students with certificates. Students who successfully pass the course will get certificates of completion. In the settings, you can specify the requirements for the certification. You can upload your PDF certificate and then add students’ names and surnames for those who are going to receive the certificate. 



Third-party integrations

It is surprising how third-party integrations can enhance the learning experience and bring it up to a whole new level. That is a reason why you must consider the availability of useful integrations on your platform of choice, besides the ease of integrating some platforms that you want manually. So, let’s take a look at both of them. 

Uteach has integrations with lots of popular apps and platforms such as – Zoom and InSpace (for video conferencing); you also get an amazing opportunity to integrate tools such as Zapier, Google Products (e.g., Google Search Console), Pipedrive, Facebook pixel, etc. 

LearnWolrds offers integrations with – Zapier, Zoom, Webex, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Google products, and some other popular tools and platforms.  

So, both platforms, in terms of integrations, are good to go with.  


Branding is very important nowadays. In this competitive market with tons of similar products, to be on top, you need to offer something different. And in order to sell your USP, you have to have certain branding and positioning strategies for your business. Therefore, when choosing a platform, make sure it offers enough features for good branding.  

White Labeling & Custom domain

Let’s start off with Uteach. So, Uteach offers a free plan where you can sign your name or your brand’s name, and your domain will look something like this “learnbetter.uteach.io”. However, if you do not feel comfortable with this domain, you have the custom domain option if you choose the Pro pricing plan instead of the free one. So, if you want to avoid the name of the platform in your branding, just pick the pro plan that comes with a lot more benefits than a custom domain and unlimited courses. We will review the main features in the pricing section. 

Meanwhile, LearnWorlds also provides a white-label experience. It gives you an opportunity to have a custom domain and email notifications with your brand’s name and footer branding. 

White Labeling & Custom domain

Marketing opportunities

Besides having a course and a website, you need to keep in mind that you have to sell the courses to make some profit. And, in order to sell anything nowadays, you need a powerful marketing strategy. How to come up with one? Well, start off with identifying your niche, then your client, and researching your competitors. While you do that, or before you do that, let’s take a look at the built-in marketing opportunities those platforms offer. 


Uteach not only allows you to create your blog for the website in order to have higher conversion rates and use it to your advantage, but it also offers its blog. In the Uteach’s blog, you can find lots of useful information related to online courses, e-learning businesses, tips & tricks for growth, popular industries, famous platform comparisons, marketing and promotion strategies, etc.  

Also, if you deice to build a blog and publish articles, it will be extremely easy to do. Uteach offers a built-in text editor. The text editor is straightforward in usage and also provides separate blocks for meta descriptions, titles, and tags.  

LearnWorld’s users can create their blogs on the website with a Blogging integration. While creating a blog post, you will be able to add images, titles, and SEO descriptions and create SEO-friendly URLs.  


Uteach provides you with SEO-optimization details for every aspect of your website in order to ensure your high rankings. If you want to publish a blog post, first of all, SEO optimizes it with external and internal links and, of course, keyword stuffing. Also, both for courses, blog posts, and any other materials, you get the opportunity to fill out meta titles, meta descriptions, alternative descriptions, and everything that can potentially result in higher rankings and traffic.  

With LearnWorlds, you can configure your courses’ SEO to rank higher in search engines and drive more sales. After navigation to the course, click on Settings, and you will be able to add an SEO title, description, keywords, and image.  

Student coupons

With Uteach, you can easily create and share coupon codes with your users or members. Coupons are amazing for driving higher sales and traffic and generally motivate students or potential clients to make a purchase. Why? Because they offer a discount or something for free. And at the same coupons have a time or amount limit which creates a fear of missing out.  

LearnWorlds will allow you to create coupons that your clients can use to get discounts or free courses. After the creation of coupons, you can also track the sales. To do so, go to Reports Center > Sales > Coupons. 


Student coupons



Uteach offers 4 pricing plans, which are presented down below along with the main features they offer. 


  • Free (0$/month) – 3 courses, unlimited students, 7% fee per course sale, default template, payment gateway

  • Basic (29$/month) – unlimited courses, one admin, payment gateway, unlimited students, no transaction fees, unlimited storage, custom domain, third-party integrations, forms, products, etc.

  • Pro (79$/month) – Basic plan features plus five admins, automated quizzes, course completion, student data integration, white labeling, live lessons, IOS & Android app, Zapier and MailChimp integrations, etc. 

  • Business (199$/month) – all from pro plus 20 admins, priority product support, personal manager, etc. 



LearnWorld offers four pricing plans with different features.  

  • Starter (29$/month) – charges 5$ per sale, one admin, custom domain, site builder, coupons, basic integrations, four payment gateways, free SSL certificate, etc.;

  • Pro Trainer (99$/month) – starter features plus no transaction fees, 5 Admins, unlimited courses, popups and landing pages, blog, memberships, form builder, etc.;

  • Learning Center (299$/month) – pro plan plus 20 user roles, bulk actions, interactive videos, custom certificates, etc.;

  • High Volume & Corporate – more admins, optional SLA, flexible invoicing, etc. 


LearnWorld gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. Meanwhile, Uteach offers a 14-day free trial run for paid plans. Also, it is worth noticing that Uteach is much more affordable, and it offers free play; unlike the LearnWolrd, the cheapest plan costs 29$ monthly, and there is no free plan. 


Use cases

Now let’s take a look at the use cases of these two amazing platforms. 


LearnWorlds is an incredible platform dedicated to online courses and the e-learning industry. This platform best works for those who want to sell courses and webinars and, at the same time, have a website and manage everything from one place. 




Unlike LearnWorlds, Uteach offers more use cases. Of course, both platforms are dedicated to the online learning industry. However, it is worth mentioning that with Uteach, you get to sell a lot more digital and physical products rather than only online courses. Hold live lessons, sell e-books, make email campaigns with pre-selling to generate leads, sell audio files, course-related materials, and everything that somehow is connected to your business. Create your full-featured teaching business with Uteach. 



Uteach: The best online course platform for you

Uteach is the best e-learning platform for you and your students. With Uteach, you gain benefits such as: 

  • Worldwide audiences: create courses, use the marketing opportunities and reach global audiences 

  • Increasing the awareness of your brand by reading the Tips & Tricks tools in the Uteach’s official Blog 

  • Full-features branding for your business with white labeling, custom domain, etc.

  • Creation of a complete, potent website in under 5 minutes 

  • SEO optimization of every aspect of the website, including blog posts, courses, and other learning materials

  • First end-to-end live sessions offering platform 

  • Lots of useful integrations with other most reliable platforms 

  • Ready-to-use templates & themes – saves your time and still offers plenty of customization options 


In short, Uteach provides you with every possible tool and feature that will enhance both your and students’ experiences, making the most out of online teaching. Do not waste any more time; the demand in this industry is only growing; take your chance. Choose Uteach for your brand, and Let’s go towards success together. 

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