Util – The Wealth Mosaic

Util is a London-based financial technology company on a mission to change the way the world invests. With responsibility for $90 trillion worldwide, investors have enormous power to effect change. Until now, however, measuring the non-financial performance of companies and investments has hinged on a patchwork on ratings, research and company disclosures. We built a way to objectively quantify company impact. We measure the ‘what’, instead of the ‘how’, by singling out the most important thing a company produces: its products and services. Using machine learning to draw from the latest academic insights, we can identify and quantify the negative and positive impact of a company’s products on the most pertinent sustainability issues affecting the world today. 53,000 listed equities. 2,000 sustainability concepts. The result is an objective, comparable and scaleable view of how every listed company affects the most critical social and environmental issues of our time.