Valenti’s Italian Ristorante

Located in Broadview Heights, OH, Valenti’s Ristorante is an Italian restaurant featuring the traditional flavors of Italy. Our rustic menu, created by the Valenti family, highlights dishes that are deeply rooted in timeless Italian cuisine.

Our special backstory…

Most of our Valenti’s Ristorante crew grew up in neighborhoods that were either Italian-American or had a strong Italian-American influence.

My Italian home was simple and modest with the most important room in the home being the kitchen. The kitchen was symbolic of the enjoyment that food and loved ones had in our lives. It was our special gathering place, with many of our most sentimental childhood memories occurring in that warm, wonderful space.

I got caught up in the passion of food at a very young age. I had grandparents from four different regions of Italy, allowing me to learn the various concepts and versions of Italian food (and I got to listen to which region is best—we Italians will argue about our foods for forever!)

Sunday dinners were the most important event of the week. Cooking began early in the morning as we prepared the sauce. My mother’s famous Italian meatballs and sausage were often simmered in the sauce, complete with neck bones and pigs’ feet, to add even more savory flavors. Prior to dinner, we would plead our case for a chunk of crusty Italian bread dipped in the sauce to hold us over until it was time to eat. Sunday dinners were the time to eat well and talk freely. Good food and good conversation were inseparable at the Sunday dinner table.

I’m proud to bring authentic Italian food to you and your family, inspired by traditional homemade recipes including pizza, chicken marsala, and fettuccini alfredo. Featuring homemade favorites, curated wine list & traditional cocktails from back in my family kitchen.

Come join us and taste for yourself why Valenti’s Ristorante serves the most delicious homemade Italian cuisine!

Milo Valenti