Val's – Phantom Gourmet

Val’s restaurant is family.

I’ve been coming here for the past 20 years. And we love it.

Our menu is vast.

It’s the best food ever here.

American seafood, Italian, French dishes, you can have German dishes. I’m pretty sure if you come here, nobody is gonna find something they won’t like on our menu.

The food so good. It really is.

You want to try a nice wine, Charlie.

When you come to Val’s, you’re gonna see Val.

Val is me!

She’s the most loving person I know.

I’m bringing this to your table.

She’s friendly.

This is the big one.

She’s welcoming and warm.

Hello, folks.

Oh, I love Val.

A little of everything. Yes. And that’s what it’s all about.

And I love coming to Val’s.

She cares about every little detail.

Johnny has your timing?

Val comes in every day early and she stays late.

Nice to see you. How was your service

She’s also the face of the place the heart of the place.

Hello friend.

She’s been here since day one and she will probably be here until the end of it all

Val’s restaurant has been here for 30 years and it’s my restaurant and I’m working side by side with my son.

Eggplant finished? Pint to go guys give me a pint to go and then we’re gonna do a veal parm penne as well.

We kill it every night. We serve great food. Great people work here and we have a good time.

When you think of a traditional Greek meal, I’m sure most people are going to think spinach pie and when you think of Val’s, you’re going to think of the best spinach pie.

So spinach pie we started 30 years ago. My mom started making spinach pie because I always wanted to bring something different to the table. It’s layers of phyllo dough with feta cheese, eggs, fresh dill, and we layer it. This is not a thin spinach pie. That’s why I’m pressing. Our customers for 30 years have know that this is a thick spinach pie vc. So we continue to make it thick.

We always had spinach pie in the house. I didn’t eat that when I was young. I was very picky eater when I was young for some reason. And luckily I grew out of that Now I can actually understand what I’m eating. It’s quite delicious. If you’re looking for a Greek meal that’s comfortable. This is the one for you.

My dad had a pub in Mansfield and he had a black diamond sauce and it is so delicious.

So Black Diamond steak’s a 12 ounce sirloin marinated in our black diamond sauce. It’s one of those sauces from my grandfather’s time and we’ve tweaked it over the years but it is one of the best sauces.

It’s basically a savory mustard and sweet with sugar sauce and add our blend of spices right here. Garlic just like we have almost everything around here and add our gravy master. It is going to give us our color that we’re looking for.

And it’s just really good umami flavor, good sweetness. When you bite into that steak, it is just a mouthful of just exciting flavors. It’s really tender, juicy steak that you’re going to enjoy.

Our chicken parm is probably the best you’re gonna find around here. Beautiful butterfly chicken. Gonna crisp it up with a nice buttery rich crumb. Pan sear and that kind of layer that with nice homemade marinara sauce. That marinara sauce has been cooking for about eight hours on stove and then we’re going to top that with some provolone, mozzarella, ground Romano, ground pecorino bakes off nice and crispy. It’s one of the best around guaranteed.

Oh my god chicken parmesan great item that we sell here. It’s all quality you cut into it. You need a butter knife. It comes with any kind of pasta you’d like it’s delicious.

Our burgers are so good. So juicy. Half pound burgers all char grilled. From our black diamond burger to our blue cheese bacon burger. Our blue cheese burger, were taking nice blue cheese dressing and we’re adding Gorgonzola crumbles. We’re going to take some nice crispy Applewood bacon. Serve it right on top of a brioche bun with a plentiful side of french fries. And that’s going to be an enjoyable meal right.

Bread pudding. We make our bread pudding here.

Our bread pudding made in house. Made from brioche bread.

And it’s piled high.

Plenty of sugar, plenty of maple syrup. We’re going to top that with some homemade caramel, some vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

It’s like French toast with extra maple syrup.

When you think of homemade comfortable, beautiful meals to finish your night off with, your bread pudding. You’re gonna love it.

When people enter Val’s, they look around. They’re amazed at what we do.

We offer great food for a great price, great atmosphere and we try hard every day when you come to Val’s. You’re gonna leave like family.

I love this business. I thrive off for customers and I love what I do. You know, people say to me, how the heck do you still love it? 30 years? When the hell are you going to retire. Why do I need to retire I’m still having fun. It’s not work. If you’ve got a great team, you can keep on going until you die my friend and that’s what I’m doing.