Vanderpump Rules: Lisa’s TomTom Restaurant Not Permanently Closed, Despite Rumors


Vanderpump Rules Season 7

Vanderpump Rules viewers watched the journey to TomTom unfold over three seasons. Restaurant mastermind Lisa Vanderpump came up with the idea in season 5. Then seasons 6 and 7 followed BFFs and first-time bar owners Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz through its development and opening. In addition to being a new restaurant, the creation of TomTom also served as a strategic move for the reality TV show. The bar acted as a new setting, allowing the cast to promote Lisa’s businesses without pretending to still work at SUR. But after all that buildup, and only a few years into operation, have unforeseen circumstances already shut it down?


The pandemic has taken a toll on many restaurants and bars. LA spots are starting to reopen, with outdoor seating and 25 percent capacity inside. But there is no word when TomTom would follow. Recently, a few odd details raised concerns if it would at all. On Google, the bar is marked as permanently closed. And the listed phone number has been disconnected. Even with the pandemic’s unusual circumstances, neither seem like very good signs. Lisa already had to permanently close one restaurant, Villa Blanca. Is TomTom next to go? Not so fast, says an important source.

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According to assistant general manager Richardson Cherry, a longtime employee of Lisa, TomTom will reopen. At the moment, it is still behind because of its setup. Speaking to The Sun, he claimed, “We’re more bar than sit-down restaurant type. Also, our patio isn’t that big. When we can accommodate people safely we will open in a couple of weeks or so.” He also pointed to the smaller interior, which already seats fewer people than SUR or Pump at full capacity, let alone 25 percent. Richardson, who is close to Lisa and Ken Todd, added, “It’s more so about being safe than profit. Profit matters but if everyone is sick it’s not good.” Continuing to emphasize safety, he said “I don’t have an exact date when we will open but I’m anxious, but yes we take Covid seriously. Lisa and the whole family is taking it very seriously, but I would love to be open by middle to end of next month.”  

Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants have run into trouble unrelated to the pandemic. After being closed due to tax issues, Pump looked to be in bad shape. But shortly after, it had a St Patrick’s Day reopening, showing off the expanded outdoor space. Anonymous sources also told The Sun that most of the staff had been vaccinated. People will have to wait and see if TomTom follows Pump’s fate, or Villa Blanca’s.

A representative for the Toms also claimed the restaurant would open soon, though they didn’t give a set date either. Tom Sandoval previously insisted the show is also coming back despite no official renewal. Lisa hinted the same soon after. Meanwhile, Tom Schwartz and wife Katie Maloney recently hung out with RHOSLC cast members, showing they are still in the Bravo family.

The only certainty about Vanderpump Rules at this point? How uncertain its future really is. In the meantime, Lisa has kept busy with other reality TV ventures. And fans can keep up with the cast, Toms included, through their popular social media accounts.

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Source: The Sun