Vegan Appetizers for Parties and Holidays ~ Veggie Inspired

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8 photo collage of a variety of vegan appetizers.8 photo collage of a variety of vegan appetizers.recipe image for Pinterestrecipe image for Pinterest

This roundup of delicious Vegan Appetizers will ensure your next party is a huge success. Easy one bite snacks, flavorful dips and spreads, and stuffed all-the-things. Perfect for New Year’s Eve, Game Day, or any other party theme you can think of. Suitable for anyone who loves to eat – not just vegans! Let’s get our party on!

9 photo collage of a variety of vegan appetizers.

No party is complete without snacks! With more and more people ditching the meat and dairy these days, these Vegan Appetizers will come in handy to ensure all of your guests are happy.

How to plan a vegan appetizers menu

Variety ~ I like to have a mix of dips and 1 to 2 bite finger foods. I also like to provide at least one light and fresh veggie centered appetizer, one creamy or “cheesy” snack, and one heavier filling dish.

Temperatures, textures and colors ~ Hot and cold, creamy and crunchy, bright and beige…provide interest for your guests by mixing up the offerings so there is something for everyone.

Timing ~ Don’t make things too hard on yourself. Choose several appetizers that can be prepped or fully made in advance. If any of the vegan appetizers need to be served hot, consider an electric warming tray or small crockpot to keep things warm so you don’t have to keep reheating.

Extras ~ Don’t forget to set out the extras, like plates, napkins, toothpicks, and small utensils (if needed).

How many appetizers should I serve?

A good rule of thumb is to provide 8 to 12 “bites” per person. For a party of 10, consider serving 3 to 4 different vegan appetizers. For a larger party of about 20 people, increase that number to be about 6 different choices.

More vegan entertaining recipes

I hope you love these recipes as much as we do! If you try any of them, please leave a comment below with your feedback.

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