Victoria Station

Truth be told, how we started Victoria Station isn’t all that interesting.
But the history behind our 3-generation legacy of grilling fine steaks is another story all together. You see, back in the day when the British governed over Malaya, they were too busy to fuss over cooking. After all, most their time was spent playing croquet and sipping English afternoon tea. OK, perhaps they did some governing.

So the task of cooking, cleaning and maintaining the household was handed to the butler. But there’s only so much one man can do. So he started hiring the kitchen help. Now, the kitchen help were very innovative. Not only did they master the art of grilling steaks to British perfection, they even improved it. Steaks prepared by the help were more appetising, more flavourful and more aromatic.

Our grandfather was one of the “lucky” few who truly mastered the art of grilling fine steaks. And so for 3 generations, the secrets of preparing

‘steaks better than how the British make it’ have been passed down from father to son. Now back to the Victoria Station story. One day while on holiday in England, our family was travelling in the Tube. “What if, there was a fine steakhouse set exactly in a train setting?” The rest as they say, is history. Well, technically ‘the present’ if you drop by and check out our stations.

And that is the real story.