VIDEO: TikToker Makes the Discontinued Opaque Blue Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks

You know the ones.

Anyone who loved these fruit snacks as a kid can tell you that the opaque blue ones shaped like Scooby were absolutely delicious. I couldn’t tell you what flavor they were supposed to be, but they were my favorite. There was just something about them, and a lot of people agree. 

General Mills reformulated the fruit snacks in 2015 after pledging to remove artificial flavors and colors and out went the opaque Scooby we knew and loved. Are the new snacks better for our health? Absolutely. Still, we can’t help but yearn for what once was.

One TikToker actually took matters into her own hands after recently finding out about the change and made her own opaque blue Scooby-Doo fruit snacks. In a totally relatable voice-over, she laments the loss of the original snacks and calls the switch-up “overall completely evil.” The TikTok, posted by, now has over 3.5 million views. 

They look pretty spot on, but is it really possible to recreate the taste of those original fruit snacks? Apparently not, as she ends the video with a heavy sigh and says, “I can’t even remember what it tasted like.” 

Hannah’s definitely not the only one mourning those superior fruit snacks, though. A surprising amount of people have tweeted about this specific thing, and there’s even a petition to bring back the original version. 

It’s clearly a thing. People are really passionate about these iconic fruit snacks. Robert Willis, the creator of the petition, sums it up pretty well in his argument for why General Mills should bring back the original version. 

“Throughout our childhoods, Scooby-Doo snacks were the foundation of making snack-time fun. Their vibrant colors, amazing flavors, and remarkable character resemblances drove Betty Crocker’s Scooby-Doo fruit snacks to amazing heights. Parents across the country were buying Scooby-Doo fruit snacks by the boxes for their fanatic children. THEY. WERE. ICONIC.,” says Robert Willis.

Do you remember these fruit snacks? Do you support bringing back the original version? Let us know in the comments!