VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company – HR ASIA

VietjetAir is the largest private airlines in Vietnam and one of the largest New-Age Airline in the region. To achieve our ultimate vision “to become the most preferred and prestigious airline in Vietnam and in the region”, our mission is:

  • To develop and operate on an intensive flight network. To achieve breakthroughs in aviation industry.
  • To make air transport more popular in Vietnam and in the region.
  • To provide satisfaction to passengers with excellent service and a friendly smile.

We believe every successful company; it is embedded with a strong culture. As such, there is no different from Vietjet. Our cultures are Integrity, Different & Inspiring, Hard Working & Resourcefulness, Happiness, Strength & Active and Safety Awareness.

To keep up with our mission and cultures, we don’t call ourselves as Human Resources Department but as People Department (PD). As we don’t see our employees purely a resource of the company, but we view and treat them as individual human beings with respect and recognized everyone is unique.

To achieve our aspirational goal and the growing business needs, PD faces one key challenge- “Fit for Growth”. We need to address both the capacity and capabilities question on how to sustain the business double digit growth year on year. At capacity, our strategy is to attract & grow the young talents through a strong employer brand and continue to harness the experienced high potentials to mentor others.

On capabilities, we need to identify and build the right leadership capabilities to minimize the most important gaps. This is done through established workplace policies in place and other soft skill training such as Leadership Courses, Aviation Knowledge Courses for non-Aviation background employees and others such as English, MS Office, Presentation Skill, etc.

Another key opportunity for PD to address is on retention of talents. We believe that to retain an employee, we need to look at holistic approach, which include rewards, recognition, career development, engagement and teamwork.

Besides the established policies and trainings for career development, we also have a comprehensive rewards plan for our employee. Our Salary Structure is broken down into each Job Family as we want to reward them correctly based on their Job Family and market practice. As we don’t believe in one-size fit all.

To ensure there’s a work life balance to promote healthy lifestyle, the company is providing free flights to each of the employees and their friends on a yearly basis. The employee can nominate up to 10 names and can enjoy 10 return free flights each year. The company also organized Medical Health Check for all employees twice a year to ensure that our employees are healthy and able to take precautionary steps in advance.

To promote employee engagement and teamwork, we believe social interaction is very important. As we have a young workforce, we had introduced Workplace by Facebook to promote instant messaging and News Feed to transform teamwork, communications, and culture. There is also a systematic teambuilding program specially designed for all employees to encourage teamwork across departments.

To enhance our Employer Branding in order to attract more talent, PD is working very closely with Commercial and Branding Department as we believe in the power of teamwork and leverage every strength. Some of the Employer Branding effort is working closely with local authority, training schools and universities to create awareness. We are also working closely with “Nghe” our mascot in our promotion, as “Nghe” is a lovely and well accepted mascot across the globe. Besides Vietnam, we are also working with schools and other agencies overseas to enhance our Employer Branding such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Philippines.