Vietnam Company Formation With Bank Account – 100% Online Service

Strategic location at the heart of Southeast Asia region with well-equipped infrastructure for international trading

Flexible corporate structure with 100% Foreign Ownership (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise), or Joint Venture with local partner

No initial paid-up capital requirement for most activities, but registered capital must be paid up in full within 90 days from the registration date.

Fast-growing domestic market with a total population of over 97 million people as of 2019 year-end, and high growth of middle class

Promising alternative manufacturing hub for China with competitive labor cost, young, dynamic, and resourceful local workforce

Socio-political and macro-economic stability

Transformation of centrally-managed to a market-oriented economy with many investment and tax incentives for foreign investors

15 Free trade agreements (FTAs) with its key trading partners. The most prominent among them are AFTA with Asian countries, EVFTA with European member states.