Vietnam Electric Cable Company (CADIVI) officially operates the enterprise management system SAP S / 4HANA

On 01/01/2020, Vietnam Electric Cable Joint Stock Company (CADIVI) and CITEK Technology Joint Stock Company officially announced the operation of SAP S / 4HANA enterprise management system in all departments, CADIVI’s branch, factory and headquarters after 7.5 months of implementation.


Mr. Le Quang Dinh – General Director of CADIVI company stated the official operation of SAP S / 4HANA system

SAP S / 4HANA system is the world’s number 1 ERP system, constantly having research and development for 25 industries, packaging smart management solutions, meeting the needs of standardization, centralizing data on one foundation, uniformity and transparency for all production and business activities. During 46 years of operation, SAP has provided solutions to more than 437,000 customers in 180 countries. In Vietnam, more than 400 enterprises have chosen SAP solution as a tool for management and administration, multinational corporations operating in Vietnam also use SAP system to manage production and business activities. . The SAP solution set also ensures scalability (both width and depth) flexibility according to the development strategy of the business.


Mr. Le Quang Dinh – General Director of CADIVI said, “Currently CADIVI products are distributed nationwide and exported to many countries around the world. CADIVI is implementing the strategy to become the No. 1 electric cable manufacturer in Vietnam in terms of prestige, quality and increasing exports to key markets of China, Japan, Korea and the US. To successfully implement this strategy, the company’s management board has implemented and put into operation SAP S / 4HANA management system. Operating all integrated processes on the same centralized and unified system will help CADIVI digitize all production and business activities and be ready for real-time performance indicators on: production situation , cost, inventory, sales, cash flow, resources and operating costs. The centralized, shared and timely data helps the management to make quick and accurate management decisions to increase the competitive advantage in the changing and changing market ”.


Mr. Nguyen Cong Tan, CEO of CITEK, said: “Transforming and operating the new system will have initial difficulties and CITEK commits to have personnel at all locations across the country to support users to operate the system. new. The system also helps CADIVI to increase compliance and professionalism, towards a simple – fast – efficient workflow, thereby having more time and resources to better serve customers. SAP is also a tool to help CADIVI continuously innovate, develop, and confidently expand business activities to ensure growth and sustainable development ”.



In order to meet CADIVI’s specific business and production requirements, CITEK has implemented a set of electrical cable solutions, namely SAP Mill Industry for Cable combined with a set of solutions based on the successful practice of CITEK construction. CITEK’s solutions and deployment experience not only meet daily operational needs, but also support businesses to cope with unplanned situations and incidents, and effectively use production tools to reduce prices. and increase competitiveness.


SAP S / 4HANA Corporate Governance Project Project

Vietnam Electric Cable Joint Stock Company is a member of GELEX Elextric Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd – a leading company in the field of trading and manufacturing electric cables with the brand name CADIVI with 45 years of development. CADIVI products are manufactured according to national standards TCVN as well as common international standards such as IEC, ASTM, JIS, AS, BS, DIN, UL …

CITEK Technology Joint Stock Company is a partner who has successfully implemented SAP ERP solutions for more than 50 customers over the past 4 years. Some big customers CITEK consulted to deploy: Hoa Binh Minh Group, CADIVI Power Cable, Hoa Phat Steel, Quan Dat Aluminum Aluminum, Nghi Son Steel, SMC Steel, Minh Phu Seafood, Hai Nam Seafood, Hoang Seafood Long, Rang Rang Plastic, Nanogen, Diana-Unicharm …