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Vietnam Fundme Technology Joint Stock Company is a dynamic and experienced team in the fields of finance, technology and a team of consultants and media who know a lot of different areas and specific markets. We develop and continually improve our Community Funding platform (Crowdfunding platform), in parallel with expanding our partnerships, connecting Funds, Businesses, Organizations, Groups, Associations, Communities and Fishes.

Payoo is an intermediary payment service catering to e-commerce websites. It offers two complementary solutions: a digital wallet that consumers use to pay for items and an e-wallet that allows businesses to accept online payments. It is integrated with 35 banks, and is partnered with more than 7000 offline POS in Vietnam.

Fundstart is a crowdfunding platform that aims to support local startups. The platform incubates projects of various sizes, and in different areas such as tech, music, art and others.

Comicola is a crowdfunding platform in the cartoon industry. The company has its own website and a distribution system which is teeming with activities to engage young artists, writers, and readers. Comicola, which also offers courses in applied comic art in Vietnam, has forged increasing partnerships with local artists and comic illustrators.

Betado was founded at first to fundraise an episode and a volume of a book called “Truyền thuyết Long Thần Tướng”. It later expanded and became one of the first crowdfunding sites in Vietnam, but has chosen to focus on artistic projects only.

Wealth Management


32 finhayFinhay, a wealth management startup that enables users to invest in mutual  funds through a machine-learning algorithm. Finhay currently has more than 13,000 accounts  on its platform, and allows users to make a minimum investment of $2.30 USD.

FINHOME is a proptech and fintech platform that currently operates under Crowd-Financing model, which focuses on mortgage and property-related financing in Vietnam. FinHome help homebuyers and real estate entrepreneurs to access funding transparently and timely, while creating sustainable and profitable investment opportunities for accredited investors.


38 kiuKiu is a trusted e-commerce global trading platform which is supported by a project named Business Initiative Mekong of Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Government of Australia. Kiu Platform provides high – quality services including Kiu MARKET


AssetMoney Lover is a personal finance management tool that helps users consolidate cash flows and accounts into one simple app. Users can track expenses, input inflows and outflows of money, and understand their spending habits. The app has more than 230k+ downloads.


moviMovi offers easy, simple and fast loans for a range of Commodity and Cash Loans to serve our customers. Typically, the first touchpoint for us to connect with our customers is through our factory relationships, to offer loans which are: easy, simple, fast.


mpaymPAYvn was founded on 8th December 2008, the three founders agreed to develop and build a secure messaging service for mobile phones with sufficient security and ease of use to be used for payments and banking.


Information portal and professional investment knowledge


42 wowmeloWowMelo strives to reduce frictions in e-commerce economy through financial solutions

Credit Scoring / Data Management


algoplatformAlgo Platform is a tool for securities investors to analyze market data at a micro and macro level, conduct technical analysis, filter stocks, simulate algorithms and investment views, and backtest formulas.


CompliyCompliy is a global Regtech100 company and an end-to-end regulatory change management platform for financial institutions in APAC. It contains APAC’s leading AI Regulatory Assistant, and boasts the largest open database of APAC financial regulations.


FiinGroupFiinGroup is a business provider of information that includes reports on companies, industries, M&A, and market entry insight. It also sells an app-based platform called FiinPro which is a financial database and analysis tool for finance professionals and FiinTrade, a trading information and analytics platform for brokers, investors and traders in Vietnam Stock Market.


UPD0511 mycreditvn

MyCredit is a free credit scoring platform that helps users know their personal credit scores and find suitable financial products.


UPD0511 PCB logopcbjpg

PCB was formed by 11 commercial banks in Vietnam, with the support and advice of International Finance Corporation (IFC), PCB officially selected CRIF – the leading provider of credit information solutions in Europe – as its strategic partner, CRIF started the cooperation with PCB by delivering the Credit Bureau platform and covering the role of strategic partner.


TrustingSocial is reinventing credit scoring based on social, mobile and web data. Marketplace lending is disrupting retail banking by leveraging propriety Big Data credit scoring technologies.

They make their TrustingSocial Authenticity Score available for free to everyone in the world, so that they can build trust instantly with each other.

Comparison Sites


ebaohiemeBaohiem is the immediate provider of insurance services in the Vietnam market. We are proud to be the first in Vietnam introducing the online insurance quote website in 2010.


GoBear Logo TaglineGoBear is Asia’s first and only metasearch engine in financial products. It was founded based on the simple premise that a consumer should find freedom and ease in choosing complex financial products like insurance, credit cards and loans. Headquartered in Singapore since early 2015, GoBear has continued to expand in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.


SymbolsSmartBuddy is an online retail platform for finance and insurance products enabling consumers to compare, select and purchase the best products on the market.


thebankTheBank is the fintech platform of Samo Media & Tech JSC. It provides a market place that compares and sells financial products: credit cards, loans, mortgages, savings, and insurance. It claims to serve more than 1M customers.


topbank vn – A reputable financial consulting and comparison website in Vietnam

Digital Banking


TIMOPLUSTimo Plus is a new digital bank to help you on your journey to financial freedom. In partnership with Viet Capital Bank, Timo Plus promises a private banking experience you’d expect from other banks, but without the hassle of maintaining a huge balance. Start planning for your future with a range of savings, investment and borrowing solutions.


logo blackWee Digital creates new digital banking experience with user-centric designs, biometric security technology and deep data analytics.

SMEs Financing


eloaneLoan is a peer-to-peer (Crowdfunding) lending marketplace that allows investors to lend money directly to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam. We focus purely on serving SME clients with short-term loans. Businesses can borrow up to approximately $250K for up to 12 months.


dragonlendWe established Dragonlend with the desire to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam to access business capital efficiently and quickly, facilitating operations as well as the prosperity of businesses.



Established in 2013, Kim An is a fintech platform that bridges the gap between institutional funding and micro, small & medium businesses (MSME). Powered by our data center of over 1 million+ Vietnam household enterprises, Kim An brings financial inclusion to under-served businesses.


LendbizLendbiz leads the way in supporting capital for Businesses / Households through calling capital from the investor community.


validusValidus is an online financing marketplace designed to help bridge the cash flow gap small and medium businesses face. Adept at assessing SME credit enabled by our sophisticated risk algorithm and extensive SME experience in Singapore, our innovative platform and experience allows us to extend better financing solutions to the underserved SMEs in Vietnam.



insoINSO is an insurance application on a mobile device. We would like to reduce the time and tasks in terms of requesting the insurance for customers. Therefore, enhancing the customers’s awareness in terms of insurance’s benefit and incresing the propotion of signing the insurance of Vietnamese people.


OPESOPES Insurance Joint Stock Company was established in 2018 with the ambition to become a pioneer in digital insurance, providing insurance products that integrate technology, enhance user experience, bring to the face new for the domestic insurance market and international reach.


papayaInsurance reimagined. Vietnam based, technology company aims to bring insurance accessible to everyone.



Save Money is one of the leading intermediary company that provides digital financial services, catches up with consumer trends including banking, card payment, investment and insurance. We present new ways for consumers to directly access to financial services: aggregated web, social media and mobile apps.


AssetWicare is a digital insurance broker that rewards you for exercise.

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