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VSUN is a Japanese solar battery solution provider based in Tokyo, VSUN provides Japanese quality solar technologies worldwide. VSUN has become one of the fastest-growing, reliable and invested high-tech solar energy businesses.VSUN is committed to providing greener, cleaner, and renewable energy solutions. more intelligent. The total production capacity is expected to reach 1.5GW in 2019 and continue to be transferred to residential, commercial, utility and off-grid projects worldwide. VSUN is on the Tier 1 list – the worlds leading solar panel manufacturers evaluated by Bloomberg.

Strengths of VSUN:

✔ VSUN provides 12 years of product warranty, 25 years of linear power output warranty for PV modules, and 30 years of output warranty for linear power for double-glazing modules with quality insurance service. Independent third party quality provided by Munich Re.

✔ Consulting, project design, installation and lifetime support for all residential and commercial solar applications.

✔ Full transport services, provided to customers across the country and internationally.

✔ Professional and efficient after-sales team, providing 24/7 support for customers.

✔ EPC Services provides the entire life cycle of professional PV clean energy services to global customers with strong R&D manufacturing facilities, stable operating platforms and global sales distribution.