Vietnamese food

Vietnamese Food

If you have an explorative palate, then you should try Vietnamese food. And yes, the rave on this cuisine goes beyond Pho and Banh Mi thanks to the complex bursting flavors and the contrasting textures in every serving. Still on the fence about this cuisine?

What Makes it so good?

Strongly influenced by the Vietnamese French-colonial past and Vietnam neighbors Thailand, Laos, China, and Cambodia, the Vietnamese cuisine represents an exciting amalgamation of foods from all these countries, but it stands out from the rest with its Vietnamese oomph. How is this possible? Well, while most of the dishes from large Southeast Asia are known for their face-melting spiciness, think Indian Curry or Thailand’s Tom Yum, Vietnamese food is not as hot. The cuisine is a perfect balance of the five taste elements. Whether you’re enjoying your fish or noodles, you will easily find that the food presents bitter, sweet, sour, spicy, and salty to bring out a freshly invigorating, fragrant and somewhat sour meal. So, you don’t have to worry about one aroma overwhelming the meal or overly hot curry.

The reason for the subtle kick in aromas and flavors comes from the Vietnamese chefs’ belief that every ingredient in a meal comes with its cooling and heating properties, and the key to the perfect meal lies in the balance. One of the areas of your life you’d incorporate balance is definitely in your finances, especially when taking a loan. While short term loan direct lenders offers
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Is that all to the delectable Vietnamese food?

No, there’s the fact that this food is different from Burmese or any other cuisine in its lightness and freshness. When taking Vietnamese, you don’t have to think or worry about a heavy and oily curry thanks to the minimal use of dairy and oil. The cuisine’s exquisiteness relies on fresh and light vegetables’ and herbs’ flavors. For this reason, this cuisine is regarded as one of the healthiest foods the world has. Speaking of herbs, expect more of basil, cilantro, lemongrass, lime leaf, green onion, mint, ginger, tamarind pulp, turmeric, perilla leaf, garlic, and Saigon cinnamon in your Vietnamese delicacy. Most, if not all of these herbs are used fresh from the farm/market.

In the spirit of healthy eating, Vietnamese soups and sauces are clear thanks to the use of simple ingredients and the cooking techniques that leave you with distinct beef soup or fish sauces.

Do I taste a touch of French?

As mentioned above, there’s a French influence in Vietnamese food hence the French flair in every baguette you eat on the street and in their coffee and crème caramel.

Oh! If in Vietnam, be ready to eat low on the cute/ small plastic tools and shared tables.