Vietranstimex Multi-modal Transport Holding Company | Vietnam Yellow Pages

Vietranstimex Multi-modal Transport Holding Company was founded in
1976 according to Decision No.1313-QĐ-TC of Ministry of Transport.
After 40 years of construction and development, VIETRANSTIMEX is now the leading
company in field of transport in Vietnam and Region.
Our services are:
– Transport cargoes of all kinds by roadway, riverway and seaway.
– Multi-modal transport nationwide and worldwide.
– Installing machineries and equipments.
– Load out/in.
– Heavelift stevedoring and transporting.
– Warehouse services and customs brokerage.
– Logistics Services.
– 24/7 services.
VIETRANSTIMEX owns and manages a huge quantity of modern equipments and machines
from general semi-trailer and tractor to specialized hydraulic modular trailer, self-propelled
modular transporter (SPMT) and cranes with maximum capacity of 550 tons.