Vingroup-Penn Alliance


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The Vingroup has established a new, private University in Hanoi called VinUniversity, whose mission is to be the first world-class, internationally accredited and ranked university in Vietnam.  VinUniversity is aligned with another arm of the Vingroup —Vinmec.  Established in 2012, the Vinmec Healthcare System is a not-for-profit health system with the mission of delivering first-class healthcare services to the citizens of Vietnam, serving as the premier national and regional choice for healthcare. Vinmec currently consists of seven general hospitals and has plans to put three more hospitals into operation this decade. These health care facilities will support training of the new medical and nursing students enrolled at VinUniversity. The faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing are working closely with faculty at the VinUniversity School of Nursing to actualize their Baccalaureate Nursing (BN) program. The overarching goals of this partnership are to assist BN faculty at VinUniversity in building their curricular framework, developing course syllabi that operationalize the curricular plan (which includes collaborating with the MD curriculum team for integrating interprofessional opportunities), developing the teaching materials to support execution of these courses, facilitating clinical opportunities for students at Vinmec, creating an interprofessional simulation center, fostering VinUniversity faculty and Vinmec clinical preceptor development, and supporting the accreditation process.

What Penn Nursing leadership has to say about the Alliance