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I am writing this review because of how bad our experience at voodoo was; food & service

We were at voodoo restaurant for my sister-in-law's birthday dinner and the service was horrible.

We had specifically asked for a table with a view because research showed…that certain sitting arrangements had better views, but we were seated by somewhat of a storage area and we did not get the view we were told we would get.

Our server seemed like he had somewhere else to be and he would rather not be with us, he was short, impatient and he was very dismissive, did not want to answer questions about menu items, took forever to even bring us water to begin with.

From the very first minute we got into the restaurant we got assigned a server and were asking questions about the menu, how spicy the food was the server was and what changes could be made a la carte but he just kept telling us how the food is the way it is and there's nothing else he or the chefs can do or they can do to make it spicy and normally that would be okay but the manner in which he was answering our questions was appalling.
There was one messed up order (that should have never happened to begin with because specific instructions were given for that particular dish, but it still got messed up) it took them forever to replace the order and someone from our party had to get up and start looking for someone who worked at the restaurant to get it fixed.

The drinks took forever to get made/brought to our table and when they came, they tasted watered down, but it was fine because we were already having a good day as it was my sister in law's birthday, we already we already had a couple of fun activities around town we were happy we were in good spirits.

The food took forever to come and when the food came it wasn't as hot so it kind of feels like it was sitting in the back for a while and the food was very bland and the steak was rubbery, we had to ask for extra seasoning to be able to tolerate the food and at the end a couple of us had to take the rest of our food with us to go remake it ourselves.

One of the parts that irked me the most was when it was time for him to serve my sister-in-law her birthday ice cream scoop. He brought it dropped it on the table said happy birthday and just left but a few minutes later, there was a table behind us that was being attended to by the very same server and he brought their scoop of birthday ice cream, it had a lit candle, petals, a strawberry and nice design patterns and he stood there, and he sang, and he was clapping and everything.

Why didn’t we get that?

It is hard not to feel some type of way after receiving this kind of service.
Was it because we were the only black patrons in the restaurant?
At that point we just wanted to leave we just wanted to get the check and leave and he took forever to bring the check and when he brought the check we asked for to-go boxes because more than half of us didn't even finish our meals because we were not satisfied with the taste/quality and had to personally go home re-cook the food because it didn't taste good enough but the server never brought the to-go boxes even after I personally stood up to go ask him for the boxes “twice”

If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a nice meal and you want to experience good service, Voodoo is not where to go because we spent hundreds of dollars on what was supposed to be a fine dining experience and they ruined it for us.